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Girl With All the PainGirl with all the Pain
by Michael Herman
(Aliens, Tequila & Us #4)
Publication date: February 23rd 2018
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller,
Young Adult

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Sometimes an ugly duckling becomes more than just a swan. In the streets of Santiago, Chile, a young homeless girl named Isabel screams a scream of rage that is the last sound the gang tormenting her ever hears. Deep within the city, a family feels her cry and sets out to find her for their sake as well as hers. Never straying far from Isabel, Skunk Mountain, a homeless pile of walking filth, visible to only the neighborhood kids, maintains a guardian presence that is key to her survival in a world where, beneath the very ground they walk, a dark ancient intelligent entity prepares to unleash forces that will devastate Chile. Sometimes that swan has claws and teeth.

Girl with all the Pain is the first of the Global Invasion Chronicles. The Aliens, Tequila & Us series is prologue to Girl with all the Pain.

If you are interested in mass extinction events, Chinchorro mummies, alien creatures, tequila, Pisco Sours, Very Large Telescopes, Santiago Chile, interstellar space travel, abandoned mines, the Atacama Desert, Himmler’s Nazis Lebensborn, predictions of future times, and people with mutant powers, then this is the book for you.

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