Introducing Small Goals

May Small Goals

Thanks to Newbery and Beyond for introducing me to Small Goals, which is a monthly linkup.

What is it?

Writes like a Girl has a linkup called Small Goals. Each month you post a short list of small goals you intend to work on plus your progress towards your goals from the previous month.

Stay Gold Autumn has another goal linkup with the rules:

Like to post about your goals? Link up with any goal post in's linkup on the first day of the month!

  1. Add your goal posts to the linkup: it could be your goals for the year, 101 in 1001 goals, monthly goals, or just a post that talks about a goal you have completed!
  2. Display the button on your blog or post (button + code is available on my sidebar)
  3. Comment on 3 other blog posts that are linked up!

April Goals

Since I’m just starting I didn’t post April’s goals ahead of time. Part of the reason I am interested in the Small Goals linkups is that we are finally settling into the new house and new routine and I feel like I need to get some more structure back. I also downloaded the Onceaday app this month to help with goal tracking.

Onceaday Goals:

3 Sets of Sit-ups – This was much harder than I thought it was going to be. I only hoped to do 10 sit-ups in each set but found that doing it 3x days was just hard to remember.

Read for 15 Minutes – This is pretty easy for me, but since the move I haven’t had a lot of extra time. So telling myself that I WILL set aside the time has helped me to actually do it.

Other Goals:

Finish one book a week – My normal yearly goal is 50 books, but because life has been so crazy and mixed up the last couple of years I’ve been lucky to get 30 books in. I’m setting out to fix that, even if it means reading more YA titles this year.

May Goals

Continue With:

3 Sets of Sit-ups

Read for 15 Minutes

Finish one book a week

New Goals:

Create one new page in my bullet journal a week.

So that’s it, my small goals. Do you also have a way of tracking your goals? Do you use a goal tracking app? I’d love to hear about your experience.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Small Goals

  1. I love this idea! I have a hard time sticking to my goals, so the idea of breaking them into smaller goals is really appealing to me. And putting it out into the universe on a blog makes me think I would hold myself more accountable, too. I may just join this link-up! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. That’s why it appealed to me too. If you do join the link up drop a link here so I can check it out.

  2. Your goals are very similar to mine! Reading and working out! They both are hard for me to stay consistent so I’m hoping that by setting goals for them each month and having the accountability of other girls that will help!

    1. After moving I’ve found it much harder to keep on top of those things. I think I remember from your post that you just moved too. It’s amazing to join a new linkup and find you have so much in common with the community so quickly.

  3. I love your graphic for this post! Good luck with all your monthly goals, I started doing them this year and find that it makes for more successful months!

  4. I like being a part of a goal linkup because it really helps me accomplish them! I’ve started printing my goal list out and taping it to the back of my laptop so I see it every day. It’s nice to be able to write down when I’ve finished/worked on them, as it encourages me to keep going on it!

    1. My trying out some different goal/habit tracking apps. Unfortunately they either seem to take MORE time or they don’t have enough features (reminder, notes, back dating, etc.) But I am working on starting a bullet journal and maybe the move back to paper will help. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. Well as a book blogger reading fast is a big help, but the last couple of years have been too crazy to keep up that pace. So I am hoping to reclaim it, at least for this month.

  5. Love your goals and I love the idea of carrying over previous goals! I know sometimes I work on mine and then by the next month I forget all about them.

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