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Drop Everything and Read 2016

deardayD.E.A.R Day is coming up tomorrow April 12th. Drop Everything and Read is a celebration of author Beverly Cleary’s Birthday.  To celebrate you simply pick a time (at least 30 mins), pick a book, and just read. It’s the perfect holiday if you ask me.

Other Ideas for Celebrating:

  • Read a book by Beverly Cleary, like Ramona Quimby, Age 8, the inspiration for D.E.A.R day. Challenge yourself to start and finish it in one day.
  • Go to the library and read there. Our library has lots of comfortable reading areas. Find a book on the shelf and sit down and read. If you like the book check it out.
  • Read a book that ties into a favorite TV. For kids read an Arthur book, like Arthur’s New Puppy or Curious George. For adults try something like this Downtown Abby inspired novel or George RR Martins A Game of Thorns.
  • Watch an interview with one of your favorite authors. Check out this great list from Reading Rockets. Then read a book by that author.
  • Do a book craft with your kids.
  • Lastly, you could to wear it. Wear a fun t-shirt, do your nail literary style (I have lots of great ideas on this pin board,) wear a vintage library button, something to say “I’m Love Reading!” I will be wearing Jamberry “Word to the Wise” nail wraps.

Bonus: Watch the Oregon Public Broadcasting special on Beverly Cleary.



Drop Everything and Read

D.E.A.R. Friend,

I put D.E.A.R. in all capital letters on purpose to get your attention. This is all about National Drop Everything and Read Day. D.E.A.R. stands for Drop Everything and Read—get it?

I got it ever since I was eight and we started having D.E.A.R. time at my school. D.E.A.R. is a lot of fun and because I know so much about it, librarians, teachers, parents, journalists, some people who make books, and some people who give books [First Book] have asked me—Ramona Geraldine Quimby—to be in charge of telling everyone about National Drop Everything and Read Day on April 12th.

April 12th will be a busy day for me since that is also Beverly Cleary’s birthday, but I always can find time to read. I am going to tell everyone in my family to Drop Everything and Read on April 12th. We can do it right at home or to make the day more special, maybe go to the library or a bookstore.

I hope that you, D.E.A.R. friend, will be reading too. Everybody can do it! All you need is a book, your family and 30 minutes together.

Ramona Q.

Today is the annual Drop Everything and Read day, in honor of the birthday of Oregon author Beverly Cleary. At the after school program where I work we are attempting to read a cumulative 10 hrs today. That means if we have 20 people and they each read for 30 mins we’ll meet our goal.

I am also going to visit two 1st grade classes to read them stories from another Oregon author Rick Steber’s Tales of the Wild West series. Rick Steber will be speaking tomorrow at the elementary school where I work. It couldn’t be better timing. We’ll celebrate D.E.A.R. and then the next day hear from the author himself. (BTW I am a huge Rick Steber fan, and can’t wait to see him live.)

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to Drop Everything and Read today, esp if you take the time to read with a child. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do.

BONUS: Print the image below out on card stock for a D.E.A.R. bookmark featuring two of Beverly Cleary’s most loved characters Ramona, and Ralph S. Mouse.