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Introducing Small Goals

May Small Goals

Thanks to Newbery and Beyond for introducing me to Small Goals, which is a monthly linkup.

What is it?

Writes like a Girl has a linkup called Small Goals. Each month you post a short list of small goals you intend to work on plus your progress towards your goals from the previous month.

Stay Gold Autumn has another goal linkup with the rules:

Like to post about your goals? Link up with any goal post in's linkup on the first day of the month!

  1. Add your goal posts to the linkup: it could be your goals for the year, 101 in 1001 goals, monthly goals, or just a post that talks about a goal you have completed!
  2. Display the button on your blog or post (button + code is available on my sidebar)
  3. Comment on 3 other blog posts that are linked up!

April Goals

Since I’m just starting I didn’t post April’s goals ahead of time. Part of the reason I am interested in the Small Goals linkups is that we are finally settling into the new house and new routine and I feel like I need to get some more structure back. I also downloaded the Onceaday app this month to help with goal tracking.

Onceaday Goals:

3 Sets of Sit-ups – This was much harder than I thought it was going to be. I only hoped to do 10 sit-ups in each set but found that doing it 3x days was just hard to remember.

Read for 15 Minutes – This is pretty easy for me, but since the move I haven’t had a lot of extra time. So telling myself that I WILL set aside the time has helped me to actually do it.

Other Goals:

Finish one book a week – My normal yearly goal is 50 books, but because life has been so crazy and mixed up the last couple of years I’ve been lucky to get 30 books in. I’m setting out to fix that, even if it means reading more YA titles this year.

May Goals

Continue With:

3 Sets of Sit-ups

Read for 15 Minutes

Finish one book a week

New Goals:

Create one new page in my bullet journal a week.

So that’s it, my small goals. Do you also have a way of tracking your goals? Do you use a goal tracking app? I’d love to hear about your experience.

National Library Week: 7 Ways to Celebrate Your Library

Did you know that 73.1% of libraries provide programs that assist individuals apply for jobs, create resumes, and prepare for interviews?

Today is the beginning of National Library Week. It’s a great time to remember all the good things libraries do for our communities, and to go a visit your local library. But there are many ways to support your library, and they probably need the extra support as many are facing tight budgets and some libraries in Oregon have even been forced to close.

Here in Albany, Oregon the library board is doing a #LibrariesTransform campaign with yard signs around town. Our goal is to help people think about the libraries and everything they do for the community. Libraries besides being a place of

Children with less exposure
to books face tougher learning challenges in school and beyond. 75% of state prison inmates can be classified as low literate.

learning and literacy also host public programs, offer internet access, and help with things like tax preparation and medicare paper work. Our library carries books, audiobooks, ebooks, music cd’s, dvd’s and Blu-rays, educational software and video games, puppets and more. Plus our children’s area is the best indoor playground in town; with a puppet theatre, puzzles and games, over sized soft blocks, sensory tubes and even a play kitchen.

Check out the library calculator to find out just how much your library use might be worth.

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Library

  1. Share it on Social – What is your librarian an expert in—storytime, medieval history, recommending books—or are they an expert in making you smile?  Let the world know that you appreciate your “expert in the library” using the images at I Love Libraries and the hashtag #expertinthelibrary. Post between Saturday, April 8 at noon CT and Saturday, April 15 at noon CT for a chance to win the $100 Visa gift card (see site for details.) Extra points if you tag your library in the post.

Libraries Transform: My librarian is expert at...(animation) storytime, tracking down obscure citations, making me smile. Tell us about the expert in your library for a chance to win!

Also make sure to use the hashtags #LibrariesTransform and #NationalLibraryWeek.

  1. Visit Your Library – If it’s possible go every day this week. Most libraries have some sort of door counter, and the number of visitors matter when it comes time to talk about budget for staffing. If your library can show decision makers that people are still coming and using the library it makes a big difference.
  2. Join the Friends of the Library – Most libraries have these group dedicated to helping support their library. Besides offering support, helping with volunteers, most of the Friends of the Library groups put on great programs at the Library. This is another number that the library can take to the budget committee. For our local library it only costs $20/year for a family membership.
  3. Send A Thank You Note – April 11th is National Library Workers day. Brighten the staff’s day by sending them a thank you note and let them know you appreciate your library.
  4. Write A Letter to the Editor – Send a letter to your local paper and let them know you support your libraries. Share a personal story. Talk about the library calculator above. Or just give your library a big shout out.
  5. Go to a Fundraiser – Our library just finished their 3rd Library Uncorked fundraiser. It was a night of wine and hors d’oeuvres in the library accompanied by live music and a silent auction. It was a great way to support the library. Our library also has an annual book sale. Other libraries may have 5k Runs, cook-offs, or donation drives. Be a part of the next fundraiser to support your library.
  6. Go to a City or County Budget Meeting – OK I know they are long and boring, but the thing is if you show up you have a HUGE impact. It’s your government and you do get a say, tell them you support your library. If you’re feeling frisky ask them when was the last time they visited the library. Challenge them with these facts on Libraries Matter or from Libraries Transform.

How will you show support for your library during National Library Week? Leave me a comment to let me know.