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  • #MakeYourMythTaker The Journey Continues
    Make Your Myth Taker Part 1: #MakeYourMythTaker Background Story Part 2: At the bottom of the Tide: Review Johanna woke in the dark. She could smell the salty sea water nearby, but she was amazingly untouched after the ship wrecked on the Siren’s rocks. She’d been thrown from the deck, and then??? A splash nearby, made her turn her head. “Hello?” she called, her voice […]
  • Books Read in 2020 Part 2
    My annual goal is to read at least 50 books. In Part 1 I listed 21 books I read in the early part of 2020. My husband told me he didn’t like the new rating system so we are back to my traditional system of ratings. The Rating System: Loved It Liked It A lot Liked It It Was Okay Kinda Bad Bad It Stunk […]
  • Books Read in 2020 Part 1
    2020 wasn’t a very good year. I’m sure most of you would agree with that for a variety of reasons. My reading (and blogging) suffered quite a bit during the year as the stress kept me from being able concentrate. I’ve heard that’s pretty common and I did find ways to relax with other creative hobbies. The questions is did I reach my annual goal […]
  • NeverSea: Review
    NeverSeaby Jenetta Penner , David R. BernsteinPublished November 29th 2017304 pagesGenres: Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling Synopsis: Content Rating: PG Light violence and romantic suggestion, but there are some scene depicting abuse. “The Little Mermaid & Peter Pan together in a sci-fi retelling.” Forced under the sea, seventeen-year-old Arya fights, alongside her sisters, to take down the Syndicate—a group looking to genetically redesign humanity against their will. […]
  • Balthazar’s Bane: Book Blitz
    Balthazar’s Bane by Kat Ross (Gaslamp Gothic, #6) Published by: Acorn Publishing Publication date: July 31st 2020 Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Retelling Synopsis: A bungled murder. A ridiculous quest. And a hero with extremely dodgy credentials. Christmas 1889. Count Balthazar Jozsef Habsburg‎-Koháry tries to lead a simple life. Oh, he enjoys a few hobbies. Collecting ancient Egyptian artifacts. Hunting necromancers with a wire garrote. Impersonating dead Hungarian nobility. Seducing an endless string […]