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Arwen McGilvra Content Creativity, WordPress Wizardry

Arwen, yes that is really my name, given to me by my parents. I’m a married 40 something Oregonian farm girl, who oddly enough grew up in Albuquerque. (We moved there when I was 5, and spent every summer back in Oregon on the farm. Since Oregon has always been in my heart I moved back as soon as I could after high school.)

Anyway I love books, like really, really love books. Currently I have over 2,000 books listed in my LibraryThing account. And I occasionally make it into the weekly or monthly list of top 100 reviewers on Goodreads. I also served on our local library board and work as the assistant to the library foundation.

I’m a content manager, web developer, and writer in my weekday freelancing job. You can check me out at The Tech Chef. (This blog is a theme I developed based off of Twenty Thirteen.)

I also love to doodle, draw and color. I have a tumblr dedicated to all of that.

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