Book Rating Scale

My simple rating system is based on the following emoticons:

Loved ItBook Reviews - Loved It

Liked It A lotBook Reviews- Liked it Alot

Liked ItBook Reviews - Liked It

It Was OkayBook Reviews- It Was Okay

Kinda BadBook Reviews - Kind Bad

BadBook Reviews - Bad

It StunkBook Reviews - It stunk

and for books I haven’t read, but introduce on the blog:

Meet A New BookMeet A New Book

Loved It

Book Reviews - Loved It

Meet Loved It, a sweet and gentle fellow who comes out when there is a book I absolutely adore, or a book that makes me excited, or one that warms my heart. Any way about it he likes to share and wants you to experience the books too. The books of the year always come from his stack.

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate with Fudge Bits

Some Examples: Prophet (Books of the Infinite Book #1), Out of the Ruins, The Skin Map

Liked It A lot

Book Reviews- Liked it AlotLiked It A Lot has a lot in common with his older brother Loved It. However he has a few draw backs, maybe the story was strong but the characters were not. Or maybe it just didn’t stir the heart the same way. Or maybe it was just too bizarre to put in his brothers Loved It pile.

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Some Examples:  Dreamlander, The Powerless Series: Complete 5-Book Set, Prince Of Europe

Liked It

Book Reviews - Liked ItWhile his brothers tend to get a lot of attention Like It has the biggest stack of books with his name on them. Year after year most of the books end up with Liked It. Books that are good, just not great. Books that I enjoyed, but might be too niche to share with everyone. Or it might be something like a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books which I personally enjoy a lot, but don’t feel as though they meet the literary standard that Love It books should.

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla with Fudge Swirls

Some Examples: Crooked Little Lies, The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 13), Artful: A Novel, The Clue in the Embers (Hardy Boys, Book 35), Password to Larkspur Lane(Nancy Drew)

It Was Okay

Book Reviews- It Was OkayBeing a middle child is hard, and it’s no exception for It Was Okay. On the one hand there’s not much pressure, but on the other it’s pretty bland. You’re just kinda there nothing to rant or rave about.

Favorite Ice Cream:  Vanilla

Some Examples: While Beauty SleptTaggerung (Redwall, Book 14)The Troll’s Grindstone

Kinda Bad

Book Reviews - Kind BadKinda Bad doesn’t know it but most would say he’s out of touch with the times. He likes his troupes a little too much, and wears lots of flashy out of date clothing. When he does copy the latest trends he does so badly. You gotta feel sorry for the guy cause he’s trying, he just can’t pull himself together.

Favorite Ice Cream: Sugar Free Vanilla

Some Examples: Rising SunRae of HopeOnce on a time


Book Reviews - BadNot everyone loves this Bad boy. In fact, there has to be a special reason these books didn’t land up in the abandoned pile, mostly likely because they were an ARC or group read. But something happened that soured the experience. Poor or repetitive writing, boring premise, dragging on and on and on, unlikable characters, whatever the reason Bad’s pile isn’t something I’m going back to.

Favorite Ice Cream: Lemon

Some Examples: The Taming of the ShrewImperial HostageReal: Becoming a 24/7 Follower of Jesus

It Stunk

Book Reviews - It stunkPoor baby brother It Stunk and his poopy pants that really need to be changed. The problem is that no one wants to be around him, and most just want to forgot about him. Most of these book need a new editor or a least a filter of someone saying, lets think twice about this. Problem is that most of the books in his pile come from already published authors and just got green-lighted because they sold some other books. Luckily this bottom of the barrel stack isn’t very deep.

Favorite Ice Cream: Durian (stinky Chinese fruit)

Some Examples: The Circle Maker : Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest FearsThe Peacekeepers (Star Trek: The Next Generation Book 2)Rama RevealedAnna’s Decision

Meet A New Book

Meet A New BookMeet A New Book is the cousin to the rating scale emoticons. And he’s new around here. Be looking for him on upcoming book blitz blogs. He’s friendly and outgoing and likes to try new things.

Favorite Ice Cream: Cold Stone (He likes to try a new mix in each time.)