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August and September 2018 Book Pick Ups


For Kindle:

Three Dark Crowns
Why I Got It: It was on sale for 99 cents!
What I hope to get out of it: This book has been on my wish list and it sounds like a great fantasy series.

Happy Doomsday: A Novel
Why I Got It: Kindle First pick for August
What I hope to get out of it: It looks like an interesting YA post-apocalyptic story.

Why I Got It: I think this was the Tor book of the month.
What I hope to get out of it: I’m not sure. I really don’t remember getting this one.

The Faerie Prince
Why I Got It: Offered in Authors Newsletter
What I hope to get out of it: I already have the first book in this series, so if I like it I can now continue on to the second book.

From The Library:

The best restaurant in the world
Why I Got It: It looked funny.
What I hope to get out of it: Every once in a while you have to try out something new that you see sitting on the library shelf. It was just a funny and different sort of book.

A Graphic History of the American West: The Gold Rush
Why I Got It: To continue the series after The Oregon Trail.
What I hope to get out of it: The 8 year old is really into pioneers right now, so I got more of this graphic story series to continue learning about life as a pioneer.

A Graphic History of the American West: The explorations of Lewis and Clark
Why I Got It: Next in the series.
What I hope to get out of it: Same as above.


Island on Fire
Why I Got It: From Xpresso Reads, it sounded like a fun historical fiction text.
What I hope to get out of it: Read my review here.

Children’s Books:

The First Christmas Ever
Why I Got It: We have the First Easter, and I didn’t realize it was part of a series. When I found out I got the first book.
What I hope to get out of it: A kid friendly picture book about Christmas.


Phone Call with a Fish
Why I Got It: As a part of the LibraryThing early reviewers program.
What I hope to get out of it: A kids book about having a shy classmate sounded interesting.


For Kindle:

Mirror X (The Van Winkle Project Book 1)
Why I Got It: I did a Blitz for the series on my blog (see the post here) and the first book was on sale for 99 cents.
What I hope to get out of it: A YA dystopian, which is pretty much always up my alley.

The Rule of One
Why I Got It: My Kindle First Pick for September.
What I hope to get out of it: Another YA dystopian, with an interesting premise of the one child rule in a future American.

The Black Company
Why I Got It: Tor book of the month.
What I hope to get out of it: I hear mixed things about this book, some call it a classic others say it’s a pass. I’m not sure if I’m super interested in reading it right now.

Children’s Books:

Wayside School Get A Little Stranger
Why I Got It: Bought it for #BuyABookDay, and also because the * year old loves Wayside school.
What I hope to get out of it: Laughs, so many laughs. And we will probably be playing pretend with Wayside school characters for a long time.

Bella The Bunny Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Pet Fairies #2)
Why I Got It: The next book in the series.
What I hope to get out of it: A beginners chapter book that the 8 year old can read herself.


Sophia Writes to Her Bully and A Bully on the School Bus
Why I Got It: I will be reviewing the books soon for iRead Book Tours.
What I hope to get out of it: Books that give practical advice for kids to handle bullies as part of Bully Prevention month in October.

What we’re into:

Personal Reading – Maiden by Teresa A. Harrison
Reading With the Miss S – Wayside School Get A Little Stranger
Listening to – Threads by Geoff Moore and the Distance
Watching – We finally went and watched Solo. And I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the media had made it out to be.

July 2018 Book Pick Ups

July 2018 Book Pick Ups

For Kindle:

Never: (Prequel to The Amber Isle)
Why I Got It: Offered in Authors Newsletter
What I hope to get out of it: A main character named Never sounds like a great setup for adventure.

What If Everybody Said That?
Why I Got It: During Amazon Prime Day you could get all of their Kindle First Reads, so I did.
What I hope to get out of it: A lighthearted lesson in kindness.

Whisper Me This: A Novel
Why I Got It: Amazon Prime Day
What I hope to get out of it: This doesn’t seem like my type of book, so I’m not sure what I’d expect.

The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels Book 1)
Why I Got It: Amazon Prime Day
What I hope to get out of it: High octane mystery.

The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores
Why I Got It: Amazon Prime Day
What I hope to get out of it: While the setting of the Azorean Islands sounds intriguing I’m not that into memoirs.

Beautiful Exiles
Why I Got It: Amazon Prime Day
What I hope to get out of it: Again it’s not my type of book, so I probably won’t be in a hurry to read it.

A Killer’s Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery Book 1)
Why I Got It: Amazon Prime Day
What I hope to get out of it: Sounds like an episode or spin off of Bones.

A Darker Shade of Magic
Why I Got It: Freebie for signing up at
What I hope to get out of it: There has been so much buzz about this series, I’m glad to get it and to jump into the world of alternative London’s.

Underground and Exile
Why I Got It: I’m on the authors newsletter list and it looked like an interesting sort of dystopian series.
What I hope to get out of it: A good dystopian read.

Era of Undying
Why I Got It: The author contacted me through my website.
What I hope to get out of it: It has an interesting premise for a fantasy story. I think it’ll be an interesting read.

A Shadow in Summer
Why I Got It: A freebie for being on the Tor email list.
What I hope to get out of it: I’m not sure, reviewers seem to be split on this fantasy series.

From The Library:

A Graphic History of the American West: The Oregon Trail
Why I Got It: The soon-to-be 8 year old has been interested in the Oregon Trail and pioneers this summer.
What I hope to get out of it: A way for her to better visualize life on the Oregon Trail.

The Science of Good Cooking
Why I Got It: I’m not into recipe books, I prefer to learn how and why things work and cook by that knowledge, so this book sounded perfect.
What I hope to get out of it: Can I please learn how to make good bread?

What we’re into:

Personal Reading – The Heart of Abshire House
Reading With the Miss S – Little House in the Big Woods
Listening to – Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs, Vol. I
Watching – Ha! I wish. We’ve been too busy to watch anything.

June 2018 Book Pick Ups

June 2018 Book Pick Ups

Not a lot of books this month. Which is good, cause my TBR shelves are already overflowing, as is my Kindle. I’ve been working hard to do a TBR take-down this year. For every one new book or ARC I’m trying to read one book that’s been on my TBR shelf for a least two years, and one book from my Kindle. (I know I have a problem… the very best bookish sort of problem.😊)

For Kindle:

The Neverland Wars
Why I Got It: It’s been on my TBR for a while and it was offered for free.
What I hope to get out of it: A fun YA Peter Pan re-imagining.

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Book 1)
Why I Got It: It’s been on my Goodreads TBR forever, and I finally had a bunch of Amazon digital credits saved up so I bought it.
What I hope to get out of it: I’ve heard it said this is one of the best Cinderella re-tellings.

Dividing Eden
Why I Got It: Also’s been on my Goodreads TBR for a long time and it was on sale for $1.99.
What I hope to get out of it: A good fantasy read, although people seem to be split on it.

A Home for Leo
Why I Got It: My Kindle First pick for June.
What I hope to get out of it: Not sure, just none of the other seemed interesting.

New Books:

Roar: A Stormheart Novel
Why I Got It: The cover is beautiful and I’ve been hearing all sorts of good stuff about it from other reviewers.
What I hope to get out of it: A good YA Elemental Fantasy.

Where the Fire Falls: A Vintage National Parks Novel
Why I Got It:  Karen is a personal friend of mine, so I always pre-order her latest books.
What I hope to get out of it: A good historical romance with a national parks backdrop.


The Toy Campaign (Spirit Flyer)
Why I Got It: We had book 1, and 3-6. Seemed silly not to have book 2.
What I hope to get out of it: We decided that we might never find this in “the wild.” so we opted to buy it from ebay so that we can read the series in order.

What we’re into:

Personal Reading – Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
Reading With the Miss S – Little House in the Big Woods
Listening to – Innerwish 
Watching – Star Trek: The Original SeriesPrime Suspect: Tennison


May 2018 Book Pick Ups

May book pick upsThe Deliberate ReaderI managed to get through May without adding a bazillion books to my TBR. This is a major accomplishment, but I have several preorders coming in June. My TBR  just can’t remain tamed for long.

For Kindle:

Air Awakens: The Complete Series
Why I Got It: Borrowed it from the Kindle Owners Library. It’s been on my Goodreads TBR for a while.

Why I Got It: I’m on the authors list and it was offered for free.

Lady of Sherwood
Why I Got It: I love Robin Hood retellings and this one’s been on my get-list for a while. Recently Clean Teen Publishing had a free deal on some of their titles so I  snatched it up.


Why I Got It: Because Kat Ross. Also it’s the third book in the series and I need to know what going to happen to the characters. Read my reviews of Nocturne and Solis.

From The Library:

Caterpillar to butterfly
Why I Got It: Miss S’s class raised butterflies this spring, so we checked out a book about them she could read at home.

Robotify it! : robots you can make yourself
Why I Got It: Seemed like a cool  maker book, unfortunately it’s just an idea book for a couple of really expensive kits. Out of all the ideas it only had one from items you could find at home.

Curious George: Mother’s Day surprise
Why I Got It: A level 2 reader, which is right where the 7 year old is currently reading, plus we love Curious George.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook
Why I Got It: My husband got the latest one for work and they let him keep his old one.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Standard Edition: Prima Official Game Guide
Why I Got It: A garage sale find, and since we both play Skyrim it was worth picking  up. Everyone always jokes about Skyrim being a big game, and this guide is certainly bigger than any other game guide we own.

What Was I Scared Of? 10th Anniversary Edition: A Glow-in-the Dark Encounter
Why I Got It: Garage Sale find of a fun Dr. Seuss book.

Special Needs Ministry Making Faith Accessible to the Whole Church
Why I Got It: My KidMin academy book for May.

April 2018 Book Pick Ups

april 2018 book pick upsThe Deliberate ReaderIt was a pretty good month for book pick-ups. Half-Off sale at our favorite thrift store never hurts things and neither does the fact that an author I reviewed an ARC for recently liked my review so much that he sent me copies of the rest of his books.

For Kindle:

The Air Raid Killer
Why I got it: My choice for Kindle First this month.


The Incredible Secrets of Hadley HillThe Heart of Abshire House
Why I got it: My friend wrote these books and was looking for more reviewers to read them, so I signed up right away. Review of the first book should be coming later in May.


Angst, Buried in Angst, Drowning in Angst, Burning with Angst

Why I got it: This is the coolest story. I wrote a review for a book called Clod Makes a friend (see it here) and the author sent me this great note after the tour was over:

“I received a lot of great reviews through the book blog tour, and I appreciate all of them. Hands down, yours was my favorite. It means everything when someone gets my writing. Honestly, it’s far more important to me than sales. Thank you.”

Then he offered to send me the rest of his books, no strings attached (although I probably will be reviewing them.) But really this kind of feedback from an author really makes my heart sing. It’s what us reviewers live for. David is also on Twitter, follow him at @got_angst .

Kids Books:

The Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail
Why I got it: Bought it at a game store because we are friends with the owner and I have a thing for picking up Berenstain Bears books.

A Tale About Tails (Dr. Seuss/The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!)
Why I got it: It was the Easter basket book for the 7 year old this year.

Little Critter: Just a Teacher’s Pet
Why I got it: We went to our favorite local book store on Children’s Picture book day and the 7 year old picked this one out.

Pirate Mom (Step into Reading)
Why I got it: It’s a Step 3 which is the level the 7 year old is currently reading at.

Little House in the Big Woods
Why I got it: It was half-off at our favorite thrift store and I was surprised when I looked it up on my LibraryThing to find I didn’t already own this one.

Thomas Jefferson: (Childhood of Famous Americans)
Why I got it: Again half-off at the thrift store, and I try to collect these Childhood of Famous Americans books whenever I find them.

Escape from Fire Mountain
Why I got it: I HAD NO IDEA THAT GARY PAULSEN HAD ANOTHER SERIES. So naturally I had to buy it, because it’s by GARY PAULSEN.


Tales of the Not Forgotten (Storyweaver)
Why I got it: Was my text book for KidMin academy in April. It was a great read!

Love’s Silent Song
Why I got it: A thrift store pick up, and not my typical sort of thing but it was made by a local publisher so I’m going to keep it.

Love Is a Gentle Stranger
Why I got it: Same series as above.

The Private Life of Spiders
Why I got it: My husband is super weird and pretty much got this book just to freak his (grown) sister out.

Matarese Circle
Why I got it: It was in the ten cent book box and I occasionally like a thriller.

The Fountainhead
Why I got it: Also in the ten cent book box. 😲 

Why I got it: Sorry to sound like a broken record, but it was also in the ten cent book box. Later I found out it was Stephen Baxter’s first book.

Illusion: A Novel
Why I got it: I really like Peretti and hadn’t read this one yet and… Say it with me “it was in the ten cent box.”

February & March 2018 Book Pick Ups

The Deliberate Reader
Sometimes life is so busy that I don’t have the time to keep up with entering books into Librarything or Goodreads or the blog. That’s been the case lately. Which is why for the second time in a row I am combining two posts together for the pick ups blog.

For Kindle:

Bone Music (The Burning Girl Series Book 1)
Why I got it: Kindle First choice for February.

A Glimmer of Hope (The Avalon Chronicles Book 1)
Why I got it: Kindle First choice for March.

Reign of Magic
Why I got it: Author Freebie. I’m on the Author’s email list and she offered it up for reviews.


The Pink Umbrella
Why I got it: It looked like a fun kids book full of color.

Clod Makes A Friend
Why I got it: I loved the description about a boy who was bullied so much he had to make his own friend. I had no idea at the time I requested it how truly wonderful Clod Makes A Friend would turn out to be. Read my review.

Bathroom Boogie
Why I got it: It sounded hilarious.

Kids Books:

Lewis and Clark: The Astoria Cats
Why I got it: We met the author, who is also the Mayor of Astoria at an event, and of course I had to buy her book. I mean cats plus Oregon history!

The Gruffalo
Why I got it: It was the book fair dollar picture book, and for some reason I didn’t have this classic on my shelf yet.

Junie B Jones: Dumb Bunny
Why I got it: This was the book fair dollar chapter book, and I love Junie B. Jones. And that is all.

Video Game Guides:

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Official Game Guide for PC and Xbox 360
Why I got it: A thrift store find. Saddest story of my life is the 200+ hour Oblivious game on an Xbox 360 hard drive ruined by the red-ring of death (and yes, it;s unrecoverable, we’ve tried. 🙁 )

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White Versions 1 – The Official Pokemon Strategy Guide
Why I got it: The 7 year old bought Pokemon white for my husband for his birthday. Of course, guess whose the one whose been playing it. 😉 This was another, and timely, thrift store find.


The Flanders Panel
Why I got it: Thrift store find. It seemed interesting, but I haven’t been able to read it yet.

StrengthsFinder 2.0
Why I got it: Thrift store find and this one has been on my list for a while. I plan on getting to it as soon as I finish my year long KidMin academy class.

Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence
Why I got it: Another thrift store find. I have the children’s version and have been wanting the adult version too.

Sacred Ground: Celebrating Fifty Years of Broken Arrow Bible Ranch
Why I got it: A special book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the camp in New Mexico where I worked for a summer. It’s such a special place in my heart that my husband and I still support the camp so that it will be able to host campers for years to come.

Letters from Rifka
Why I got it: Thrift store find and an interesting sounding book in the vein of Number the Stars.

Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia
Why I got it: Thrift store find that I bought for my grandmother to read, but I think I’m going to keep it and read it myself.

December 2017 & January 2018 Book Pick Ups

December book pick upsThe Deliberate ReaderIt’s been a crazy January, which is why I haven’t posted my December pick ups yet. So you’re getting a two-for-one deal with BOTH December and January Pick Ups. Also I’ve been reading like crazy since I decided to fill up my February with ARC deadlines.

For Kindle:

Warning Call: A Novel of the Black Pages
Why I got it: The first book Empty Threat was fantastic (see my review here), and as soon as this book came out I snatched it up. I haven’t had the time to read it yet however.

NeverSea: Echoes of the Lost
Why I got it: It was on my list for Santa, and luckily my husband reads my blog from time to time and bought it as a Christmas present. It’s the Little Mermaid meets Peter Pan on a sci-fi world. Can’t wait to read this one!

The Blood King (Red Proxy Book 1)
Why I got it: 99 Days (Red Proxy Book 2)  is probably going to be my pick for book of the year for 2017. It had such an unusual and powerful message, without being preachy or over the top. Just characters who question the accepted morality of their culture and battle to do what is right. So when I got an unexpected Kindle credit I had to go back and pick up book 1.

The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, Book 1)
Why I got it: I’ve been wanting to read this book forever and since I had some Kindle credit left over after purchasing The Blood King, I bought the Maze Runner too. It’s actually been recommended by a friend whose a sci-fi fan and not a YA fan, so I’ve taken that as a good sign (because I am a fan of both.)

When Gargoyles Rise
Why I got it: Author Freebie. I’m on the authors list and got a notice that I had won one of her contests and attached was the book as my prize, but I see it’s free in both KU and the price in Amazon is just set to $0.00. Sooooo, not much of a prize I guess.

Six Queens – Short Story Collection
Why I got it: Author Freebie. I’m on the email list for several author who decided to combine efforts and mailing lists into one called Six Queens. As a thank you to their subscribers they put together this collection.


Nocturne: Fourth Talisman #1
Why I got it: Kat Ross is Awesome! She’s become an auto-read author for me. Nocturne continues the story of Nazafareen and Darius from the Forth Element Series (read my review of the first two books here and of the third book here.) It’s a fantastic fantasy world with some interesting new twists. Look for my review of Nocturne coming Feb 8th.)


Ready Player One
Why I got it: My husband bought this one for me for a Christmas gift. 1. Because he already read it on audio book and 2. Because he thinks I need to read it before the movie comes out.

Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation
Why I got it: Actually I bought this one for my husband for Christmas. He (we) collect retro video games and this book has a lot of retro gaming history in it.

Heart and Brain: Body Language
Why I got it: My husband loves me. 🙂 And I love the Awkward Yeti (and my husband, mostly my husband.) Every year for Christmas and my birthday I get a big book of comics. I pretty told him that there wasn’t even a choice this year, I wanted the new Awkward Yeti collection. Being the awesome husband that he is, he got me a signed copy.

Owl Wonders Color Art for Everyone
Why I got it: It was a Christmas gift from my goddaughter. She combined two things I love, owls and coloring. She’s an awesome kid.

The Pings
Why I got it: I kickstarted this book after seeing it on Instagram. I wanted to back it because it promised to be a diverse children’s book with a Chinese-American story, and it had great pictures. However, they delivers waaay late and never gave the backers any updates during that time, then when I did read the book I was disappointed. Maybe before you write a book it would be a good idea to take a look at the concept of storytelling. The narrative is one of the most confusing I ever read in a children’s book. *sigh*

Ordinary Days: Family Life In A Farmhouse
Why I got it: I actually bought this for my Grandmother for Christmas, but after she read it she gave it back (I kinda knew that would happen.) At 92 she reads about 3 books a week and she doesn’t really like to reread books. She’s basically the perfect library user.

January book pick ups

For Kindle:

Sirens and Scales: a Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection
Why I got it: I finally gave in and bought this .99 collection. I pretty knew I would buy it when I first saw it, but I knew it was the last thing my already over stuffed TBR needed.

Sin of Mages
Why I got it: Author Freebie. I’ve been on the authors list for a while, but hadn’t read anything of his yet. So when an offer came up to get the first book free I took it. Sounds like a good fantasy story.

Twist of Faith
Why I got it: Kindle First. I don’t know what’s been up with Kindle First lately, but they haven’t had much to interest me. Still I feel like I have to choose a book, and so I choose this one and will probably never read it.

Legend: A Dragon Rising Novella
Why I got it: Author Freebie. The author K.N. Lee offed this book up for review and so I took it. Although, I’m not so sure about the reverse harem situation. In fact, I’m not sure about harems in any situation, but we’ll see how it plays out.

Court of Shadows: Forbidden Magic Book One
Why I got it: Author Freebie. Another K.N. Lee title.

The Buried Symbol (Runes of Issalia Book 1)
Why I got it: Author Freebie. An author whose list I just joined offered this for free to new readers. It’s a interesting magic school concept where, of course, the new pupil finds a new kind of magic and long buried secrets. Good be good, but again we’ll see.


Why I got it: It’s the sequel to Nocturne. Trust me you’ll want to get both of these book at the same time. Nocturne left me breathless with anticipation, and I could not get my hands on Solis fast enough.

Why I got it: Ever since watching Anastasia as a child I’ve had a thing for retellings/re-imagings of the fact of the famed Russian monarcy. This one brings it into the modern era as a urban fantasy story.

Kids Books:

Quest for the Heart (Disney Moana) (Step into Reading)
Why I got it: I had my goddaughter pick out a Step Into Reading level 3 book with her Christmas money and this is the one she choose.


Every Landlord’s Legal Guide
Why I got it: Every few Years you’ve got to brush up on the new rules and regulations. We try to keep on top of it, and these guide definitely help.

From the Library:

How Food Works: The Facts Visually Explained
Why I got it: I was interested to see what kind of information this book had and how balanced it was. It pretends to be balanced, but still has a lot of food myths in it, esp where it comes to animal agriculture. Even on the front cover it says that 75% of farm land is used to raise feed for animals. What it fails to mention is that is often the highest and best use of land that can’t be used to grow other crops. Want real facts about agriculture? Check out Common Ground.

How to raise an amazing child the Montessori way
Why I got it:  I’ve always been a fan of the Montessori method and I checked out this book because I was going to be teaching kids church ( the 4-7 year old group.) I wanted to see if it had any fresh ideas for me in it. I skimmed through it, but would really recommend this to any parents out there who want a better approach to parenting, one that is positive and proactive.

November 2017 Book Pick Ups

November 2017 book pick upsThe Deliberate ReaderThis month is different! I actually kept my book acquisitions to a reasonable number. Of course, I still have so many books on my TBR already that I’m going to have to live to be 200 to read them all, but progress is progress.

For Kindle:

Why I got it: It was offered for free and I’ve heard good things about both this series and author.

Goddess of War: An Epic Fantasy (Fallen Gods Book 1)
Why I got it: KN Lee is the best, pretty much offering her whole library to those on her reviewers list.

Water So Deep: Book One (Water So Deep, Book One 1)
Why I got it: The prequel Sea so Blue was part of the Shattered World collection and I really enjoyed it. As part of the read along the offered this book for free, and I definitely want to read it.

The Narrowing Path (The Narrowing Path Series Book 1)
Why I got it: Author Freebie. On his mailing list the author this book for free, and it has an interesting fantasy premise, so I took the bate and got it.

The Good Samaritan
Why I got it: My Kindle First choice this month. Frankly I haven’t seen anything I really wanted the last couple of months, but lots of people seemed to give good reviews of this book, and I can save it for when I feel the urge to read suspense.

Kids Books:

Olivia Helps Mother Nature
Why I got it: Dollar Tree Olivia book. We have nearly all of these Olivia Ready to Read books, and right now Miss S is ALL ABOUT reading them. She chooses them nearly every night for the book she reads to me.


Living on the Edge: Dare to Experience True Spirituality
Why I got it: I enjoy Chip Ingram’s teaching, but haven’t read the book that really helped launch him into the spotlight. It was on sale at a thrift store so I picked it up.

I Am a Church Member
Why I got it: It was a gift, of sorts, for doing the membership class at church.

James Bond: The Secret World of 007
Why I got it: Another Thrift store find. We both enjoy James Bond (well I do not enjoy the Daniel Craig version, but…) and this DK reader was only a couple of bucks and it looks good next to the James Bond Encyclopedia.

October Wrap Up and November Goals

What is it?Like to post about your goals? Link up with any goal post in's linkup on the first day of the month!

Two different link ups one at Writes like a Girl called Small Goals, and another one at Stay Gold Autumn.

My Rating System:

Forgot to do it most days.

Somewhat met this goal (did at least 1/2 of the days.)

Mostly met this goal (did at least 2/3 of the days.)

Accomplished this goal.

October Goals:

Continue to sit down and review my week every Monday.
This habit helps me stay so much more organized.

Celebrate my birthday at the Chinese Buffet!
Absolutely! I had a great birthday, day with my man!

Log my meals for 1 week.
Yes! I managed to do about 10 days in a row last month.

Write Review for The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly and Mary Poppins.
I got the review for Mary Poppin finished and posted, but haven’t had time to finish the one for Minnow Bly.

At the Portland Retro Gaming Expo posing with my man Pip Boy from the Fallout series.
At the Portland Retro Gaming Expo posing with Pip Boy from the Fallout series.
2017 Pumpkins
Painting our pumpkins makes them last a lot longer…
2017 Pumpkins
… but they still glow thanks to glow-in-the-dark stickers!
Trunk or Treat 2017
This year was my very first Trunk or Treat. I choose a bathtime theme, complete with sounds track that included the Rubber Duckie song and Splish-Splash.

Reading Wrap Up:

Sea So Blue
Change Your Culture, Change Everything

What I’m reading now:  The Clockwork War, Shattered Worlds Read Along

Up Next:  More Shattered Worlds Read Along

Pocket App: Best Articles of the Month

November Goals:

Really November has already, been and will continue to be SUPER crazy busy. My goal for this month is to just make it through in one piece and still mentally sound 😉 .

And to continue to do my weekly review journal entry.

October 2017 Book Pick Ups

The Deliberate Reader

Every month I say that same thing, “I won’t get as many book this month. My TBR pile is already out of control.” And then completely ignore that and go out and get a whole bunch of books. I’ve kept myself from pre-ordering the two newest book collections Sirens and Scales and Heroines & Hellions, but I’m not sure I’ll make it through November without picking them up – because they look so amazing!

For Kindle:

Infinity: 1 Why I got it: When I placed an order with Amazon last month I got a credit for a digital graphic novel

Hansel (Gretel Book Three)
Why I got it: Author Freebie. When you have the first two books and the author offers you the sequel for free you take it.

The Chronicles of Koa Boxed Set Books 1-3
Why I got it: KN Lee offered boxed sets of her books to reviews who were on her mailing list and I snatched them up.

Dragon-Born: The Dragon-Born Saga Books 1-3
Why I got it: Same as above, a KN Lee boxed set offered for free to reviewers.

The Unremembered Girl: A Novel
Why I got it: My choice for Kindle First for October, and I can tell you I completely forgot about this one.

City of Shadows: Part One
Why I got it: Author Freebie. A trusted author who offered this stand alone book in his world of the Atomic Sea. I couldn’t turn it down, although this one looks like it will have a darker tone than some of his other books.


Roar (Stormheart) Paperback
Why I got it: Have you seen the cover? Have you? It beautiful! This is one book you need to own a physical copy of. Unfortunately I will have to wait until June to get the paperback, meanwhile all those Kindle readers are tantalizing me with their reviews.

Where the Fire Falls: A Vintage National Parks Novel
Why I got it: The next book by my friend Karen Barnett. These vintage National Parks novels also have beautiful covers, but I know I can trust Karen to deliver a good story.

Kids Books:

Wee Sing Silly Songs
Why I got it: Any Wee Sing book is a must buy at a thrift store, I love them so much. I already have another version of this, but with songs books it’s okay to have extras.

Blueberries for Sal
Why I got it: A Caldecott winner, for 50 cents? It’s was a great pick up.

Amelia Bedelia Hits the Trail
Why I got it: This one is right at Miss S’s reading level and was also on sale at the Thrift store. Plus Amelia Bedelia is hilarious.

Leif Likes to Play
Leif Likes to Count
Leif Needs a Bath
Why I got them: As a child I had a copy of Leif cleans his room, and I had no idea it was part of a series. These were at the thrift store and it blew my mind! Now we have a complete set.

The Mitten String
Why I got it: Was on sale for $2.50 at Safeway of all places. This is such a good story I would recommend that you look for it at your library. I would call it a diverse book because the characters are all Jewish and the character the story centers on is deaf. It’s just rich with multiple layers, and I would recommend reading it to your kids.

Portland Retro Gaming Expo:

Signed copy of 100 Greatest Console Video Games

The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987
Why I got it: The author was at the expo, and this is a book right up my husband’s alley.

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection
Why I got it: One of the tables had this set for $10! It was almost too good of a bargain. I’ve been wanting to get this set for Miss S so that she could expand her game play, esp with Redstone.

Birthday Books:

Books I got for my birthday.

Serenity: No Power in the ‘Verse
Why I got it: Cause my sister is awesome. 🙂 And Serenity/ Firefly is awesome. And this was the last of the Serenity graphic novels that I needed.

Star Wars Origami Characters
Star Wars Origami Spacecraft
Why I got it: I like doing origami, but my mother must think I’m a master at it because most of these designs are going to be soooo hard to do.

FoxTrot : En Masse
Why I got it: My husbands know I like a good laugh, and he keeps me supplied with the funnies. Although, this volume is obviously old because, um joke about Alf?!?

KidMin Academy:

KidMin Academy Books

Why I got them: I’m taking the year long KidMin Academy diploma program and this is the packet of books for the first term. Most are required reading but the Almight Bible and Missing were free extras.

The Almighty Bible: Genesis (First Book in Graphic Novel Series)

Pulse II: Pumping Life Into Your Kids Ministry

Kidmin Manifesto: The Values, Culture and Mandate of the Nation

Future Faith: Shaping Today’s Ministry for Tomorrow’s Opportunities

The Volunteer Code: How to Recruit and Care for Volunteers

Missing: An Urgent Call for the Church to Rescue Kids

Change Your Culture, Change Everything: The Leader’s Guide to Organizational Transformation


Pray for Me
Why I got it: Our church is doing the Pray for Me campaign and we decided to participate. After all it’s a great idea to have adults in the church committed to praying for the kids in the church. They try to match up 3 adults for each teen or family.