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Another Big Year for Pocket

I’ve raved about the Pocket app before. It is absolutely the best way to save articles to read later. In the digital age this becomes more and more important as so much of our information is found in blogs and online articles. Again for 2015 I was in the top 5% of users by reading 600,141 words the equivalent of about reading 13 Books. Check out my year in Pocket.

Because I also have Pocket connected to Degreed it tracks the number of articles I read and gives me points for reading. So far I have read a total of 1,527 articles. Degreed is a great tool for keeping track of your continuing education, because education doesn’t stop when you graduate. (In fact in my business of websites and content it’s a must to keep learning and discovering better ways of doing things.) They call themselves “The Lifelong Learning Platform.” “Individuals and organizations use Degreed to find, track and recognize ALL learning.” I love anything that encourages reading as life long learning. Check out Degreed here and Pocket here and join me in the digital age of reading and learning.

Pocket: Or the Other 849,361 Words I Read in 2014

pocket 2014

I first brought up Pocket last year in my post. It’s a very useful app for saving articles and reading them later. In fact I enjoy the Pocket layout better than the original blog in many cases. I love that I can use it anywhere, and that it downloads the articles on my android so I can read them even when I don’t have wi-fi. This year Pocket sent me a notice saying I was in the top 5% of users and a link to this awesome year in review.


You read 849,361 words in Pocket in 2014. That’s practically 18 books, which earns you a spot in this year’s Top 5% of readers!” That would be another 410 articles added to last years 407.