Book Blitz: The King of Eiselorn

The King of Eiselorn: Elwendur (Book One)The King of Eiselorn: Elwendur (Book One)
by Max Kahl
Release date: June 10, 2017
Genre: High Fantasy/Epic Fantasy

Meet A New Book

An interesting sounding fantasy story that has real potential for depth. The synopsis is a bit confusing with lots of place and people names that are unfamiliar, but the last line that’s what intrigues me.


After the invasion of the Kingdom of the Mountain, an era of darkness hovered for years over the Continent of Imnavel. Only a few, decimated after decades of war, resisted the attacks.

But the Hordes of the East finally conquered the Elevated Mountain of Iver Osterith, last bastion of defense of the inhabitants of Imnavel. This last act forced the survivors to regroup in order to repel the invasions or perish forever.

New armies rose. New weapons were wielded. New steels were forged. Forests and lakes died. Even the Ancient heard once again the rumour of war – that old rumour which hadn’t been heard since the First Eras.

From then on, the Hermehrs waited for their revenge, one which would return to them their past and history, their ancient lands and their old songs of honourable kings and noble lords. Only one warrior could do that. And his name is reflected in old prophecies.

The Golden Eras and the Wise Eras had come to an end to give way to the Era of the Elwendur – the Migration of the Peoples.


Leave a comment below telling me why you think The King of Eiselorn sounds interesting. After Nov 1st I will pick one comment at random to will win an e-copy (epub, mobi or pdf) of The King of Eiselorn.

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