Top 10 Books of Ten Years AgoSeptember 12, 2017 TopicThrowback Freebie: Ten Books I Loved 10 Years Ago!

I’ve been reviewing books since 2006, and posting those reviews on what ever blog platform I was using at the time (Open Diary or Myspace anyone?) Luckily I have done the work of moving my reviews with me to each new blog. So it’s easy for me to look back at 2007 and see what books I read that year that I really loved. (There might be a few from 2006 too.)

Ten Books I Loved 10 Years Ago!

    1. Wuthering Heights – Still gives me chills. Because of the way it’s written it may be hard for some readers to get into, but this is one of the most haunting stories I’ve ever read.
    2. Dream Thief – My favorite book, pretty much ever. I think I’m close to having read it a dozen times. Science fiction by Stephen R Lawhead, and really good science fiction at that.
    3. The Book of Three – If you like fantasy and YA and haven’t read the Chronicles of Prydain you are missing out. These book are really unsung classics.
    4. The Lathe of Heaven – A very tripy story about a guy whose dreams shape reality. and the force trying to shape those dreams.
    5. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – One of the best Christmas stories (aside from the one with the real baby Jesus.) It’s short enough you could read it every year just for all the feels.
    6. Fahrenheit 451 – Every book lover need to read this book. I feel almost ashamed that it took me until 2006 to read it.
    7. The Witch of Blackbird Pond – A great coming of age/fish out of water tale.
    8. Island of the Blue Dolphins – Having read this as a child I was skeptical of reading it as an adult, but it won me over again.
    9. The Cross and the Switchblade – One of the most powerful true stories I’ve ever read.
    10. Enders Game – Science fiction masterpiece. Skip the movie the wow factor is in the book.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #32

    1. You made my laugh so hard at your comment…

      Total Kermit-flailing muppet hands joy

      It is a really good series though. Thanks for reading!

  1. I remember wanting to read The Island of the Blue Dolphins as a kid, but I never did. Maybe I should! Dream Thief sounds like something I might like too.

  2. This is such a great variety of books! I don’t think I kept a log at all of what books I was reading 10 years ago, but it would be great to see which books were my favourites!

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