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40 Genres of Books

This year I’m posting a list a month to celebrate my 40th (see my other posts in the series.) This month I’m choosing 40 different books I own from 40 different genres. So hold onto your hats it’s going to be wild.

Short descriptions of the genre are my definitions. I know that some of these genres have controversy surrounding their definitions and what does and does not qualify within the genre.

40 Genres of Books I Own

  1. Fantasy – A story that uses magical, mythological or fantastical elements.
  2. High Fantasy – A story set in a completely made up world, with magical and imaginary races.
  3. Low Fantasy – A story set in the real world, with one or two elements of magic.
  4. Urban Fantasy – A fantasy story set in a modern, urban environment.
  5. Sword and Sorcery – A fantasy story set in a medieval time frame.
  6. Gaslamp – Fantasy set in the Victorian era.
  7. Steampunk – Steam-power Science Fiction or Fantasy.
  8. Science Fiction – Stories that feature speculation on science or the future.
  9. Pulp Science Fiction – Short science fiction stories often published in a series.
  10. Cyberpunk – Science fiction with a mostly urban setting that very heavily relies on computer technology (and often the merge of man and computer) in the story.
  11. Alternative History – A retelling of an event or events in history but the author changes the outcomes.
  12. Superhero – A story in which some of the characters have super human abilities.
  13. Space Opera – Melodramatic events that is set mainly or entirely in outer space.
  14. Dystopian – Living in a dysfunctional society.
  15. Post-Apocalyptic – What the world is like after it fell apart.
  16. Apocalyptic – How the world fell apart.
  17. Mystery – A story that focuses on a mysterious event or crime that must be solved.
  18. Thriller – A strong focus on the mood in a story to elicit strong “thrilling” emotions in the reader.
  19. Suspense – Similar to thriller, but the mood elicits worry or anxiety in the reader.
  20. Cozy Mystery – A mystery that is lighthearted and doesn’t elicit feeling of worry in the reader.
  21. Contemporary – A story set in today’s world, without and science fiction or fantasy elements.
  22. Inspirational Fiction – A story meant to encourage, inspire and uplift the reader.
  23. Historical Fiction – A story set in a past time.
  24. Christian Fiction – A fiction story with a decidedly Christian message and undertones.
  25. Christian Romance – Same as above, but with a center theme of a romantic relationship.
  26. Theology – The study of God and godliness.
  27. Christian Living – How to live according to Biblical principles.
  28. Biblical Reference – An information book about the Bible.
  29. Reference – A book that contains information on a given subject.
  30. Biography – A book telling the story of a real life person.
  31. Poetry – A book of poems.
  32. Drama/Play – A book that contains the script for a play.
  33. Classic Fiction – A book that is at least 50 years old and well thought of today.
  34. Textbook – A book from a class or course.
  35. Arts and Crafts – A book that give step-by-step instructions or guidance on creating art or craft projects.
  36. How-to – A guide book for how to do something, usually skill based.
  37. Foreign Language Study – The study of a language other than English.
  38. Western – A story set in the “Cowboy” era of the American West.
  39. Comedy/Humor – A book that makes you laugh.
  40. Comic – A book that contains an aggregate of comic strips.

Okay, wow this list was a monster to put together. I enjoyed digging through my collection of books to find examples for all 40 genres. I hope you equally enjoy looking through the list.

40 Great Poems

Because this month is National Poetry Month I decided that my “40” post should be full of poems I love (see my other posts in the series.) Today is the last day of the month, so if you have squeezed any poetry in this month here’s your opportunity. Poems are listed in the order I thought of them, and links go to Poetry Foundation or if available.

Do you have a poem you love that’s not on the list? Please drop me a comment 💬 to let me know about it. I love discovering new poetry.

40 Great Poems

  1. Sonnets from the Portuguese 1
  2. Sonnets from the Portuguese 14
  3. The Tyger
  4. Ozymandias
  5. The Magic Mountain
  6. Grief
  7. Dreams
  8. Dream Dust
  9. Dust and Rainbows
  10. Blunt (included in Say Uncle)
  11. Deferred Silence (included in Say Uncle)
  12. Blast 
  13. Robot Haikus (Not one poem but a very fun book of poems.)
  14. Darkness
  15. Jabberwocky
  16. Kubla Khan
  17. Her Strong Enchantments Failing by A E Housman
  18. The Bells
  19. A Dream Within a Dream
  20. The Conqueror Worm
  21. Love Not Me by Annomyous
  22. Hamlet’s Soliloquy
  23. Beat! Beat! Drums!
  24. Death, Be Not Proud
  25. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
  26. She Walks in Beauty
  27. Because I Could Not Stop for Death
  28. The Intro to the Pendragon Cycle (the same poem is in the opening of each book.)
  29. There is no Frigate like a Book
  30. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers by Adrienne Rich
  31. The Red Wheelbarrow
  32. This is Just to Say
  33. The Falling Flower  by Arakida Moritake
  34. Rain by Emanuel di Pasquale
  35. Life by Grace Treasone
  36. Cat
  37. Haiku in general (this is a great collection)
  38. My Little Dreams
  39. The Bookshelf of the God of Infinite Space
  40. The Road Goes Ever On

40 Sub-Genres and Types of Dystopian Society

A dystopia is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening (Wikipedia.) An imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives (Merriam-Webster.) A dystopia is a fictional world where people live under a highly controlled totalitarian system. (

There is a lot of discussion on what is or is not a dystopian society, and what fits into the genre. Today I’m throwing the net nice and wide. Seems like a good time to take a look at what’s out there in dystopian stories with all the COVID-19 craze (our state closed schools for the rest of the month.)

All of these stories (note: I’m including movies in this list) have societies that have frightening aspects, and they all have B-I-G dysfunctions. In my mind, that’s what defines a dystopia, it may look like a normal society or utopia, most of the people living there may be unaware of the dysfunctions, but when you get to the heart of it “things are rotten in the state of…”

Note: I’m only including titles I’ve read or watched. If your favorite dystopian story didn’t make the list leave me a comment!

  1. Blade Runner – Cyberpunk dystopian
  2. By the Feet of Men – Climate dystopia (see my review)
  3. Holes – Juvenile Detention dystopia
  4. Deus Irae – Post-apocalyptic dystopia
  5. Starship Troopers – Military dystopia
  6. Uglies – Beauty dystopia
  7. Numbers Game – Everybody has a score dystopia
  8. Logan’s Run – Society of Youth dystopia
  9. Firefly – Space Totalitarian dystopia
  10. The Matrix – Reality dystopia
  11. Partials – Near-extinction dystopia
  12. Hunger Games – Competition dystopia
  13. Divergent – Faction dystopia
  14. The Maze Runner – Puzzling dystopia
  15. Fury Road – Dystopia dystopia
  16. Unwind – teenagers aren’t real people dystopia
  17. Ender’s Game – Kids at war dystopia
  18. Fahrenheit 451 – Reading dystopia
  19. The Dark Tower – Wandering Gunslinger in a dystopia
  20. 1984 – Party line dystopia
  21. Powerless – Power = Privileged dystopia
  22. The Lunar Chronicles – Moon Mistress dystopia
  23. Mary Poppins – Gaslighting Nanny dystopia
  24. Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said – You’re forgotten dystopia
  25. Venom and Vanilla – Mythical Monster Segregation dystopia
  26. City of Ember – Escaping dystopia
  27. The Running Man – Cash Grab dystopia
  28. A Series of Unfortunate Events – No one cares properly for children dystopia
  29. The Door in the Wall – Plague caused dystopia
  30. Seventh Tower – Sun-Starved dystopia
  31. Ready Player One – Real world dystopia/ Virtual world paradise
  32. The Lathe of Heaven – Dream to dystopia
  33. Titan A.E. – Post Earth dystopia
  34. Lord of the Flies – Children run this dystopia
  35. Fight Club – Making a dystopia
  36. Equilibrium – Feelings dystopia
  37. Gattaca – Genetic dystopia
  38. Snowpiercer – Dystopia on rails
  39. NeverSea – Flooded dystopia
  40. The Scourge – What you can’t see dystopia

Whew! What a list to put together. I know I’ve left of quiet a few. What’s your favorite dystopian story? How would you define a dystopia?

Are you stuck at home because of COVID-19, if so what are you reading? Leave me a note in the comments section to let me know. ☺

40 Children’s Picture Books I Love

Once when our goddaughter was 4, I told her that I had to go to work, to which she asked “Why?” I answered her “Cause I’m a grown-up and I have to.” With a full-bellied laugh she said, “You’re not a grown-up!”

Well, when it comes to books I certainly enjoy reading more than just adult books. Children’s book still have a special magic for me. Even as the now 9-year-old goddaughter is transitioning to mostly reading chapter books I continue to enjoy reading picture books and still request them from the LibraryThing early reviewers group. In fact, that’s where a lot of these books came from. I have quite a lot of good discoveries that way.

Again I’m going to try not to repeat too many entries from my other “40 Lists.” But you can check them out here. And I am leaving out Children’s series, those might get put on another list.

40 Children’s Picture Books I Love

  1. Miss Brooks Love Books (and I don’t)
  2. I Will Not Read This Book
  3. How to Code A Sandcastle
  4. Sergeant Billy: The True Story of the Goat Who Went to War
  5. Grandpa’s Top Threes
  6. Invisible Lizard
  7. Sixteen Cows
  8. John Deere, That’s Who!
  9. Christmas Farm
  10. Phone Call with a Fish
  11. What Was I Scared Of?
  12. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
  13. The Gruffalo
  14. The Pink Umbrella
  15. Mud Soup
  16. Barn Storm
  17. The Potty Book for Girls
  18. Elmer
  19. The Blue Jackal
  20. A Morning With Grandpa
  21. The Shy Little Kitten
  22. The Poky Little Puppy
  23. Wake Up, Sun!
  24. Corduroy
  25. Make Way for Ducklings
  26. Llama Llama Red Pajama
  27. Olivia
  28. If You Give A Pig A Pancake
  29. The Little Engine That Could
  30. Katy The Snowplow
  31. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
  32. Put Me in the Zoo
  33. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  34. The Tale of Three Trees
  35. Stone Soup
  36. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
  37. The Giving Tree
  38. The Butter Battle Book
  39. Brave As a Bunny Can Be
  40. The Mitten String

That’s my list, but really it could have been twice as long. Picking ONLY forty was pretty difficult. The field of pictures books is rich. I’d love to know if you have a favorite that I missed.