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Curing My Venom: Guest Post

I love that I get to feature another poet on my blog during #NationalPoetryMonth. Curing My Venom is a poetry collection by A. Rinum.

My poetry book, Curing My Venom, is based on the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The book focuses on the issues of mental illness (Venom) and how it can be used as a cure. It also covers the concepts of self-hatred, cultural taboos, jealousy, failures, and self-acceptance.


It was when I could not take it anymore
I yanked my heart out of my chest
and placed it in my palm.Why are you like this?
I asked, trying to stay calm.You’ve put me through so much chaos
my heart silently wailed
and you ask me what is wrong
you’re the one that’s broken
yet you beg me to be strong
I refuse to fill myself with this venom and pain
I quit
go find someone else to blame.

I quit too

Take that knife
and cut open your wrist
no one loves you
then why do you exist?

The world does not understand
that your light is fading away
everyone is selfish
why do you stay?

(Don’t you dare say that
I know your battles are hard to dwell
but if no one loves you
then learn to love yourself.

I know life is hard
and you’re shattering like glass
but I promise you
this too shall pass.

I know you’re wounded
and nothing is making sense
but today you’ll have to save yourself
because no one will come to your defense.

You need to stay strong, my love
because the only cure you have is you
don’t you dare surrender
if I made it, then you can make it too.)

See what depression can lead to

Tiny speck of hope
peeking through my window
tell me what you seek
there is nothing for you here
maybe you should leave
I am just an ounce of emptiness
fading behind this dark
stay away from me
before you lose your spark.

O’ my foolish child
how do you not know?
You are the light I come for
and yet you have no clue?
this spark you see in me
is a reflection of you.

Because, darling, you are hope

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