Empty Moments: A Poem

Every year during #NationalPoetryMonth I like to share a bit of my own poetry. I don’t write poetry as much as I used to, but I still enjoy reading it. I hope you will enjoy this poem of mine.

Empty Moments: A Poem

Empty Moments

©Arwen LeQuieu

Someday you will be alone
sitting on the edge of your bed
Feeling empty, you will run your hand through your hair
Shake your head at the pain thats surfacing
And curse the day.

Someday you will be walking in the dark
Lighting a cigarette
Feeling empty, you will run your fingers through your hair
Sign for a want of love
And curse the night.

Someday you’ll be sitting at a bar
Having a shot of whiskey
Feeling empty, you’ll run a hand through your hair
You’ll wonder how your life came to this
And you’ll curse that too.

You pretend now that my prayer offed you
But in those empty moments
You’ll be glad for their comfort
And you’ll curse once again.

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