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Follow Friday 2: Book Bloggers I Enjoy (And Think You Will Too)

This is not the same as the feature and follow Friday meme,  I’m not ready for another weekly meme on my blog. This is the old fashioned Follow Friday, where I say, “Hey I like these blogs and think you will too!” These are four bloggers who I have bookmarked and check often.


FLYLēF Young Adult Book Blog for Reviews and Giveaways

Experience the magic of great writing coming together to build breathtaking worlds in our minds’ eyes. Happiness is a book away, find it at FLYLeF.

FLYLeF runs a lot of Guveaway Hops, which is how I found the blog, and also seems to be a fan of Kat Ross books (if you read my blog you know I gush about Kat Ross.) I don’t participate in a lot of Blog Hops, but I enjoy reading the Book Spotlight and seeing which books get chosen in the Winner Spotlight. In fact, that reminds me I better go make sure I have my July entry in.

Book Lovers Blog

Hi, I’m Jo, a 21 year old female History & Journalism university student and blogger from Cambridge, UK. As the title of my blog suggests I love books-that’s my entire reason for creating this blog-you’re supposed to write about what you know and I’ve loved books ever since I was able to read so this seemed like the perfect platform for me to share my opinions about the books I read.

I found Jo through the Top Ten Tues meme. I find myself agreeing with her a lot, and our reading preferences seem to over lap a lot. She does quite a lot of book tags, so if you are lost on ideas head her way and take a look at the book tags for lots of great content ideas. She’s also got good stuff on the writing process for the author crowd.

Howling Libraries

My name is Destiny, and I’m a 25-year-old stay-at-home mom who’s been obsessed with reading everything I can get my hands on since I was barely walking. My favorite book genres are fantasy, horror, contemporary, and sci-fi. I primarily read YA/NA and MG books.

Another blog I found through Top Ten Tues. Since I am an adult who enjoys Young Adult and Middle Grade books it’s nice to connect with other blogger who are the same. Agreat thing about the book blogging community it that you don’t ALL have to agree on your favorite reads, or even enjoy the same books. Case in point, she’s a fan of Cassandra Clare, and I’m not. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying her posts though.

X+1 / One More

x1 there's always room for one more

Welcome to the virtual home of @imyril and @deblurred, where we share reviews, rants, rambles and photos. Thank you for popping by.

The door is open and the kettle is on. Make yourself comfortable and poke about.

there’s always room for one more…

A blogger who actually found me through Top Ten Tues and left a comment on one of my blogs, and since I comment back I discovered Imyril too. A prolific blogger who posts nearly everyday, I can’t keep up with that (either in reading blogs or posting my own) but mad respect for hose like Imyril who do. We still trade Top Ten Tues comments… whenever I actually happen to post.


Introduce me to your favorite book blogger. I love discovering new book blogs and getting to know more people from the blogging community.

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Thanks. I hope you find a couple of new blog to enjoy. Thanks for checking out my blog too!

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