How Are Your Dreams

©Arwen LeQuieu

How are your dreams?
What do you expect when you fall asleep?
Do you sweat and pray,
Call out in the darkness,
And in your loneliness find a night apart from Nemo’s land unbearable?
What fills the void left by dreamless nights
Marching end on end through your calendar?
Smoke in mirrors, candlelight, wind in the treetops,
Here then gone like a strangers kiss.
More and more you fill the nighttime canvas of my mind.
When you cannot find a slumber vision of your own
Your image stalks me in mine.
If the thing wished for were granted…
Pleasure, pain, knowledge, and the burden of it all
Would you then be free?
If you could seek my ghost in some nighttime chorus
Would the candle burn a little longer?
The kiss would still end
And even if I told you the name
They would still be a stranger to you.
Your fate, your destination cannot be so easily changed.
If you cannot be convinced with words
Dreams will not shake you.

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