Oasis Verses

Oasis Verses: By Arwen LeQuieu

©Arwen LeQuieu

Cheese cloth around my heart,
bleeding through this inefficient bandage.
Tears in my eyes, or is it sweat, no wonder I can’t see.
The horizon is on top. I’m sinking to the bottom.
Lost like a blind man in a dessert
My wounds are not healing, the greatest part of me still lives in fear.

Blind man in a dessert
Lost in the sands of time
I’m drowning in my tears
But I still can’t see.
The sun is sweat and blood and fears
The vultures call is in the distance
Telling me to make my home in this parched land.
The wind whispers, run away,
It’s words are fuel and flame
Stumbling forward, stumbling back,
Have I been here before?
All is familiar and all is lost.
I cannot see because my eyes are shut.
The sand is cruel, hot and sharp
It burns, it cuts, it tares.
The pain is new, the pain is old
It does not matter any longer
I’ve shut my eyes to it,
I pretend it isn’t there
But then the dessert speaks to me
And I know I am lost anyway.

I am the blind man.
The dessert is my soul.
My fears are the symphony in the wind and air
I am the one who’s lost,
Without a direction in my life.
I have a compass
But I cannot see it when I do not look.
Time is cruel, It wears me thin
Till there is naught left but pain and longing for a better day.

God be my oasis,
Be my hiding place.
Because in this world the sun is hot
And the wind and sand are fierce.
Across the dessert land
When I stumble, and cannot find my way
I need your hand,
To pick up the pieces of my life.

God be my oasis
Be my hiding place
Let me drink deep of you.
Refresh me with your healing waters,
Cool me in the shadow of your wings,
I cannot bear the burden on my own
I need your presence
To carry on.

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