Pocket 2017: The Other 1,233,920 Words I Read This Year

Congratulations, Arwen!

You’re a top reader in Pocket for 2017, and you should be proud! Not only did you make it into the top 1%, you’ve also exercised your brain and undoubtedly learned a ton in the process.

Pocket 2017

Yippie! Wahoo! *Does a happy dance*

I’ve been using the Pocket app for a long time and this year it the first time I’ve made it into the top 1%. (Previous years have all been the top 5% see here and here.) I made getting into the top 1% of readers an unofficial goal in 2017, making much more of a conscious effort. I tried to read around 4 articles a day. Not that I always managed to keep up that average, but the effort paid off. 26 books worth of reading! That’s on top of all the other books I read (both kids) and adults.

Want to take a look at my stats? Here you go. 

These were the most popular articles I read in 2017:

One of the things I do to help me with saving articles is that I use IFTTT to automatically send me articles from the feeds of blogs I follow. This means that the latest blogs from Migraine.com, Hubspot and others are always right at my finger tips. I also add the Pocket tab to my browser opening/ home pages. These two little changes helped a lot. (And don’t forget the Pocket applet for your browser, which makes it super easy to add articles to your list for reading later.)

Do you use Pocket or another app to save articles? I’d love to hear about your experience. Leave it in the comments.

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