Read A Book Day [Sept 6th] Buy A Book Day [Sept 7th]

Today is National Read A Book Day, #ReadABookDay. Sounds exactly like my kind of holiday. Last year I celebrated by reading Rags and Ruins (read my review here.) It turned out to be my favorite book in 2016.

This year I’ll work on finishing my current read 99 Days (Red Proxy Book 2). It’s one of the more interesting back stories for a fantasy book that I’ve ever come across. The characters are dealing with real moral dilemmas about their world, very deep ones concering the value of life that each character is struggling to understand in their own way and make sense of because life is not valued in their society (unless it’s your own.) I’m very interested to see where this book goes.

After 99 Days it will be on to the Shattered Worlds Read Along which I am soooo excited about. Pick up a copy of Shattered Worlds here. “Escape into twenty-two epic worlds that will leave you breathless.” The read along starts Sept 10th, and promises to be a great event with giveaways and lots of author participation.

Also tomorrow Sept 7th is buy a book day. I haven’t decided on what book I’m going to pick up tomorrow, but it may be one of these from my wishlist:

So what about you how will you be celebrating Read A Book Day and Buy A Book Day?

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