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Some Fine Day: Review

A generation ago, continent-sized storms called hypercanes caused the Earth to flood. The survivors were forced to retreat deep underground and build a new society…

Some Fine Day
by Kat Ross
384 pages
Published July 1, 2014
Loved it


Content Rating: Some violence and death.

A generation ago, continent-sized storms called hypercanes caused the Earth to flood. The survivors were forced to retreat deep underground and build a new society.

This is the story that sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist has heard all of her life.

Jansin grew up in a civilization far below the Earth’s surface. She’s spent the last eight years in military intelligence training. So when her parents surprise her with a coveted yet treacherous trip above ground, she’s prepared for anything. She’s especially thrilled to feel the fresh air, see the sun, and view the wide-open skies and the ocean for herself.

But when raiders attack Jansin’s camp and take her prisoner, she is forced to question everything she’s been taught. What do her captors want? How will she get back underground? And if she ever does, will she want to stay after learning the truth?


Today is August 9th which is known as Book Lovers Day. I thought this was a really excellent time to revive my book blog.

If there were a Kat Ross fan club I’d probably be President of it. Have you seen all my glowing reviews of so many of her books? So many that I’ve given her her own category on my blog Kat Ross. Which is why it’s surprising that I hadn’t read her first book Some Fine Day.

Cause not only is it by Kat, but it’s also a young adult dystopian story which I am absolute garbage 🗑️ for. Give me angsty teens fighting a corrupt dystopian government any day. Hunger Games. ✔️ Uglies. ✔️ Unwind. ✔️ Partials. ✔️Maze Runner. ✔️Ember. ✔️ The Giver. ✔️Yes I’ve read them all, and I could list a dozen more.

Some Fine Day belongs right in that list. A thrilling YA dystopian, with a kickin’ female MC, an untrust worthy government and layers of lies to be uncovered. You might think with those troupes that its *just* another one of those stories.

But it’s so much more.

Kat Ross is a master at world building. It’s one of the major reasons I love her work so much. I can just fall into the worlds she builds. The idea of these huge dangerous storms that drove people underground is believable considering everything going on in our world, and the actual hurricanes that are getting bigger and more destructive.

Jansin is also a good and believable MC. She’s trying to do what will make her family happy. Trying to get the education they want her to have. To live up to their expectations. Even before we get to the action she has misgivings. I could relate to her a lot.

One of the things I really appreciated was how the love story played out. It wasn’t one of the two typical troupes you see in these kind of stories. Neither the first-love forever-love or the falls-for-the-bad-boy-who-has-a-good-heart.

The finale was amazing and it kept me riveted. But I won’t say more for fear of spoilers.

Bottom Line:

If you enjoy YA dystopian reads don’t want as long as I did to read this one. A hidden gem, if there ever was one.

“So the plan is to go up there, somehow slip past the super-toads and the guards and whoever else, and steal a plane that we then fly straight into a hypercane?” “Yes.” “Do you even know how to fly it?” “I told you, I trained for years on a simulator.” Will gives me a flat stare. “A simulator.” “It was very realistic.” “You know this is insane?” “I’m aware of that, yes. But nobody does crazy better than us.” Some Fine Day

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