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Top Ten Tuesday #47: New-to-Me Authors

January 15, 2019: New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2018

Oh this is going to be good! I got introduced to some great authors in 2018, a couple of which I’ve become friends with on Twitter. (Twitter authors, I ♥ you!!!) 2018 was a pretty good year for finding new-to-me authors. Links are to the Authors Goodreads page.

Ten Authors I Discovered in 2018:

  1. Sophie Schiller – I don’t always like historical romance (ok, so I usually don’t even read historical romance, except for those by my friend Karen Barnett) but Island on Fire was more of a historical action thriller. I got the book through Xpresso Book Tours and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. Cora Carmack– Most of her book don’t look like anything I want to read (mostly steamy romance stuff 🤮), but with Roar she went full on fantasy. After having to watch everyone in the world (well almost everyone) post beautiful bookstagram shots with the book I finally got my hands on my paperback copy.
  3. Marissa Meyer– I know, I know… how could I NOT have read anything by Marissa Meyer until 2018? Well I’m making up for it now I’ve read Cinder and Scarlet and have Cress waiting for me on the Kindle.
  4. Amélie Callot – The only children’s author to make the list. I got an ARC of her lovely, as in totally gorgeous, book the Pink Umbrella through LibraryThing’s early reviewers program. I hope she puts out more English version of her work.
  5. Beth Guckenberger – Really the only author I enjoyed reading from my required reading for Kidmin academy. Tales of the Not Forgotten was a fantastic, and quick read. Note: I probably would have liked the other books better if they had hired editors. The glaring errors (some ever on the first page) just drive me nuts. It’s okay to self publish books for your course, just please have them go through the editing process first!
  6. David J. Pedersen – I decided to take a chance on a Middle Grade read from iRead Book Tours and have since made a friend. David liked my review so much that he reached out to me to offer his other books (all signed) and we’ve become friend via Twitter since then. (Hint: It’s probably because I rave about his book all the time.)
  7. Neal Shusterman– Another one I can’t believe I hadn’t read until 2018. To be fair, Unwind has been sitting on the shelf for years. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Unwind’s message.
  8. Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee– I’ve know about Ted Dekker for a long time and he’s co-authored books with the like of Frank Peretti, but for some reason I’d never read any of his book before. Of course, now that I started a series I can’t seem to find book 2. 🤔
  9. Eoin Colfer– I read Artemis Fowl this year because I heard rumors of a movie coming out and I wanted to get to it before I might watch the movie. But I don’t really get what I the buzz was about. It was just kinda of middling book, and although I have the second book I haven’t been moved to read it yet.
  10. Emilie Knight – Emilie reached out to me through my blog contact form to offer me her book, Era of Undying for review. She did her homework, and offered me a book that was right up my alley. Thank you Emilie! I get so many inquiries for books I have no interest in, it’s nice to have someone ACTUALLY take a look at my blog and the kinds of books I read instead of just going “Oh book reviewer, they must all review ANY kind of book.”

That’s it! Ten new-to-me authors I met/read in 2018. Please leave me a comment to let me know who your favorite author is. Maybe you’ll introduce me to a new author in 2019.

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