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Top Ten Tuesday #5


10 Most Frustrating Character Ever

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010.

June 28: Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters EVER

  1. Nicole from the Rama Series – Where to even start… after Rendezvous with Rama (which is an absolute classic) the series starts a down hill turn. Starting with Rama II the stories more-or-less follow the character arc of Nicole. By the end of the series I realized that it had been a total waste of time. A lot of this is because of the choices Nicole makes in Garden of Rama and the terrible way the series ends.
  2. Aunt Marie from Miramont’s Ghost – One of the most cruel characters I have ever met in a book. She and her son are the most despicable people ever. The vast difference between their public self-righteous exterior and their truly evil actions towards Adrienne and others just absolutely seals it.
  3. The Soviet Agents from The Gemini Effect – I thought they were totally unnecessary for the plot. And basically just silly. The story would have been better without them.
  4. Thomas Covenant – A main character so frustrating and inappropriate that he gives a new meaning to anti-hero, as in NOT A HERO. Covenant doesn’t want to be a hero, doesn’t want to be in the story and does things that are clearly wrong. This is a series I’m not planning on finishing.
  5. Modred from the Dark Tower – Build up, build up… let down. Seriously for all the build up in the previous books about this being like the worst demon child ever he ends up not being a big deal at all. I can’t say any more without spoilers.
  6. Stephen King from the Dark Tower – I have said it before, but I am not a fan of authors writing themselves into their stories.
  7. Esme Squalor from A Series of Unfortunate Events #6 The Ersatz Elevator – There are certainly a lot of bad characters in the Series of Unfortunate Events, but in my option, Esme Squalor is the worst of the worst.

  8. Pippi Longstocking – This is one character I’ve never really “got.” She’s not rambunctious and cute, she ornery and annoying. I have never liked Pippi.
  9. PK Dick from Radio Free Albemuth – Again a writer making himself a part of the sci-fi story he is telling.
  10. Ruby Rhod, The Fifth Element – Okay cheating here because this is a movie character, but the Fifth Element is such an awesome movie that gets spoiled every time Chris Tucker is on screen. I mean is there anyone who can watch this movie and think yeah I liked that character?

15 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday #5”

When I created this list my husband admitted to me that he also liked Ruby Rhod, and thought the movie wouldn’t be the same without him. Personally I can’t stand his character. 😉 Thanks for checking out my TTT. I’ve added yours to pocket so I can read it later today.

Totally! She redefines the trope of a villain having an over-the-top girlfriend. Thanks for stopping by.

The more I participate in the book blogging community the more I realize how eccentric my reading habits are. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

Lol, I loved Pippi Longstocking as a young child and that was a long time ago! I loved that the animals could just come in her house and she had cool braids, and adventures. To each his own 🙂 My eldest daughter wasn’t as thrilled with the books/movies as I was though.

I commend you for reading the Dark Tower series which has been running for so many years. I haven’t even attempted it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

I know a lot of people think fondly of Pippi, I’m just not one of them. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I hear you, I only read the first two, but have the rest sitting on my TBR shelf. It’s hard to abandon a series, but this one isn’t worth the time. Thanks for stopping by.

I haven’t read any of these books but I am suprised about the Stephen King one lol.It just sounds funny that he wrote a book with one of the characters named after him. Great post.

Its not just named after him he makes it clear the character IS him, Stephen King the author who lives in Bangor Main. The author who is writing the story the other characters are in. It was a silly choice.

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