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Top Ten Tuesday #52: Spring TBR

March 19, 2019: Books On My Spring 2019 TBR

I’m a few days late in getting to my Top Ten Tuesday list this time. This week has just been crazy! Besides the importance of getting my review of Inferno up on time 😉, my grandmother had the seniors group from our church over to the house this week so I had to help her get ready to host the 30 or so people we were expecting.

But better late than never, right?

Ten Books I Hope To Read this Spring:

  1. The Maze Runner – I actually started it last night. I’ve been meaning to read it forever and I think now it the time.
  2. Angst – The author of these books loved my review of Clod Makes a Friend so much he sent me ALL the books in his other series. I mean to get started on it this spring.
  3. In the Region of Summer Stars – A new book by my favorite author. Which of course I had to wait for 9 months after publication before I could get my copy… because publishers do that to us paperback readers for some reason. I’m really excited for this new series.
  4. Brian’s Hunt – I picked this up at a thrift store, I didn’t even know there were more Hatchet books out there beside Brain’s Winter. I’ve always loved Hatchet, so this ought to be a good read.
  5. Hatchet – Speaking of Hatchet, I’m hoping to read this classic book with the 8 year old soon.
  6. A Mid Summers Night’s Dream – I try to fit one classic book into my reading each year. This year I want to do a Shakespeare play and having never read A Mid Summers Night’s Dream it seems like a good time to do it.
  7. Kingdom of Salt & Sirens – I bought this Little Mermaid retelling collection when I featured the Blitz on my blog and can’t wait to dive in. I won’t read the whole thing this spring, but I’d like to get started.
  8. The Heart of Abshire House – I’m 73% through this book and plan to finish it soon, I just need to get back into the mood.
  9. Ginger Pye – I’m planning on continuing my Newbery read through with either Ginger Pye or…
  10. Dead End in Norvelt

That’s it for my Spring TBR. What books are you planning to read soon? Let me know in the comments.


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4 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday #52: Spring TBR”

I loved Midsummer Night’s Dream! There’s so much going on but it’s really fun. I really need to read some more Shakespeare this summer (Twelfth Night and King Lear are my current favorites).

I read The Maze Runner a long time ago and got as far as the 3rd book, I think. Then I didn’t have the prequel so I had to stop. Now I should add them back onto my TBR so I can finish the series. Do you enjoy dystopian a lot? I have a few favorites I could recommend 🙂

Yes, dystopian is one of my favorite genres. Please do let me know your recommendations. And thanks for commenting!

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