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2022 “Support Book Bloggers” CHALLENGE Part 4

To help support and promote book bloggers further in 2022, the gals at Page Unbound are hosting a (very casual) “Support Book Bloggers” Challenge. The idea is simple: we will work together to read blog posts, share them, comment on them, and boost book bloggers in other ways.

Each month during the challenge I’m planning to do a spotlight on one book blogger. Check out last months post.

Because May is just around the corner and that means it’s time for Wyrd and Wonder I’m going to feature one of the host imyril of the blog There’s Always Room For One More. imyril is how I first found out about Wyrd and Wonder. (See my wrap up post for last year.) As a huge fantasy reader this was right up my alley, and so are a lot of her reviews. She is a follow migraine warrior too.

She’s one of those bookish people I love to interact with on Twitter. And as always I think you should follow her too @imyril.

Some links to explore:

Please check out imyril’s posts and help support her and leave me a post to your blog so I can check out yours too. I’d love to meet new book bloggers.

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