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Wyrd and Wonder 2021

Wyrd and Wonder is a celebration of all things fantasy books in the month of May. I meant to post this blog then, but… well…. life got in the way. So now it’s August and I’m finally back to my blog so here it is my mega Wyrd and Wonder post for 2021. (Where possible I did post for the prompts on Twitter during the month of May.)

May 1st – We’re going on an adventure – Looking 👀🔮 for a recommendation: I’ve been wanting to read some “a girl and her dog” books. Anyone got a good one to recommend? Please drop it in the comments below.

May 2nd – Pop this in your book bag of holding – The greatest middle grade fantasy I’ve ever read. If you haven’t picked up Clod Makes A Friend by @got_angst you need to.

PS – Cake saves lives.

May 3rd – Map Monday – I have been thinking about this prompt ALL day. Trying to come up with something good. I just shouted at my husband “I am literally a map makers daughter, how do I not have anything to post?!”

Ah! Finally found a map for today’s #WyrdAndWonder prompt. The pack in map for an old Might and Magic game. 🧙‍♂️🗺🕹


May 4th – I never knew my father #TropeTuesday – #TropeTuesday since it came up earlier I’ll go with the Three Dark Crowns series. I enjoyed the world of Fennbirn and the triplet princesses a lot.

May 5th – I can do this all day – A celebration of underdogs. The series I’m currently reading is nothing but a huge underdog story. If you like rooting for the underdog, and a unique SFF world you’ll enjoy The Narrowing Path.

May 6th – Fly my pretties – @wyrdandwonder challenged us to find a book with a Pegasus and I knew I had a Serendipity book that perfectly fit the bill. These books are filled with wonderful illustrations.

May 7th – Fantasy from around the world – The Quest for Merlin (Magimakía Book 1) is a fantasy story from Brazil. The Quest for Merlin is told through various characters, the main story following the decedents of Merlin, but also has a very interesting side story as told by the goblins. That’s right, goblins! I really enjoyed the GPoV (Goblin Point of View) chapters.

May 8th – Currently reading – Nearly finished with The Collapsing Path.

May 9th – Spine poetry OR Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day. I have never read one of these but they were my mom’s favorite fantasy reads when I was a kid. Maybe I should pick one up. 🤔

Winds of Fate (Mage Winds #1) by Mercedes Lackey

May 10th – Mixed feelings – I loved these books (when I read them) but because the 3rd one is taking so long to be written, to the point we really have to ask “will it ever be finished.” 🤨 I can’t say I’m a fan any longer and have stopped recommending it.

May 11th Reluctant hero(ine) #TropeTuesday – This is a troupe I don’t care for. A little caution in a hero? Okay. I get they may not want to jump into danger and adventure. However to have a main character that has to be dragged into the quest, it just makes me roll my eyes. Looking at you City of Bones.

May 12th – Desert island reads – Eight books, one movie franchise or TV show and a luxury item – what are you taking? (fantasy choices only this month please!) TAG RULES

May 13th – Had me at hello – Roar. This book has such a beautiful cover it just had to be on my shelf. Of course, I had to wait just about forever to get my paperback copy. It still sits face out on the shelf though.

May 14th – Fantasy voices from around the world – A short read, but I would put it out there that you need to read Fairy Tales are for White People, by Melissa Yuan-Innes. A really excellent fanatsy story from a non-western perspective.

May 15th – #StackSaturday – Some well read Stephen R. Lawhead books.

May 16th – Page to screen – It’s really hard not to choose LOTR, but because I think EVERYONE will have something to say about those movies I’m going to go with Legend of the Seeker. I really enjoyed the TV series, even though I’ve only read Wizard’s First Rule.

May 17th – Can’t wait to read – Reign, the third book in the Stormhearts series by Cora Carmack. But since I’m a paperback kinda girl, I’m going to have to wait for at least 18 months after everyone to read it.

May 18th – With friends like these #TropeTuesday – Spoiler ahead for the Stormhearts book 2, Rage. SPOILERS:

Enemies to allies, IS the ending of Rage. An ending that left me breathless in shock.

May 19th – Who’s afraid of the suck fairy? – The suck fairy visits old favorites and removes their sparkle, leaving you wondering what Past You saw in this book when you reread it. Have you had a visit from the suck fairy / are there books you’re afraid to reread in case they’ve been visited by the suck fairy? I enjoy rereading books, and have never been visited by the suck fairy. So out of luck this time.

May 20th – Fantasy creature on the cover – (bonus points if it isn’t a dragon) The Last Unicorn. I love this version of the cover. I wish you could remove the quote and the banner and just have it as art.

May 21st – Fantasy in translation – I am part of the LibraryThing early reviewers program and once got a book called White Raven: The Sword of Northern Ancestors which was translated from Russian. Well it was badly translated, and all the early reviewers said so. There was a good story but it wasn’t hidden behind sloppy translation. An AMAZING 🤩✨ thing happened, the publisher listened to us, and had the book retranslated. Then they gave us the opportunity to review it again.

May 22nd – Get in the sea – Seaborne fantasy, mermaid tales, the lady in the lake – make it watery for World Maritime Day. For this category I’m going to go with Tide by Lacy Sheridan. A unique fish-out-of-water (or in this case human-in-water) tale with a heroine who stands on her own, no chosen-one BS or hidden powers here. Just a really determined and spirited girl.

May 23rd – Book rainbow – Why are orange books so hard to find 😫? Also this is the craziest mess-up of books ever. 😂

May 24th – On the shelf- how long has that been on your shelf / TBR?? a book / books you really should have read by now. Well this is my owned TBR shelf at home. So many books I need to get to. 🙈

May 25th – Chosen one #TropeTuesday – Another Trope I don’t care for much. It feels like the books all end up feeling like Buffy or Harry Potter, and whatnot. But maybe you know of a book that pulls of the trope better. If so please let me know cause I’d really like to see it done well.

May 26th – All the feels – Inferno by Kat Ross, the final book in a two series storyline and it made all the pay outs emotionally. I’ve never been happier and more satisfied with the ending of a cycle of books. An the author was so happy with my reviews of the series and my support (aka general fangirl’ness) that she sent me a signed copy! 😍

May 27th – #ThrowbackThursday – To the book that introduced me to my favorite Fantasy author, Stephen R Lawhead. I picked up a copy of In the Hall of the Dragon King when I turned 13 and I have been on an amazing ride with his book since then.

May 28th – Off the beaten track – An independent or small press fantasy read. 99 Days (Red Proxy Book 2) by Keith Ward, was probably the best book I read in 2018. It can be read as a stand-alone and has a very unique premise.

May 29th – 5 star fantasy reads – Anything by Kat Ross! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 But I would start off with The Forth Element series. See my review of the first two books here.

May 30th – #ShelfieSunday – Tolkien Shelf love. 📚💕

May 31st – Fave Wyrd & Wonder read – I didn’t finish many books during Wyrd and Wonder. My life has been throwing me some big curves lately and I just haven’t had the headspace to read a lot lately. But August is here as I finish typing this post and I have started reading again and am nearly finished with The Darkling Plain the Mortal Engines book 4. And I’ve checked out The Gilded Ones from the library to read next. So more fantasy reading is in my future. 🔮

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As great as Firefly is, if I was stuck on a dessert island, I’d choose cheesecake, but if I was stuck on a desert island, I’d choose something with more than like 13 episodes.

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