Book Lovers 2018 Year End Tag

2018 Year End Review

Trendy Simple Life created this Book Tag and would LOVE to have a few Book Lovers (and  fellow bloggers) participate and share their answers. Feel free to tag yourself and have some fun looking back on what you read and planning ahead on what to read in 2019!
Don’t forget to use the #BookLovers2018YE and link back to this post and the one at Trendy Simple Life!

Here are the questions:

1) Three BEST books you read in 2018 (all 5 Stars):

Read My Reviews:

Clod Make A Friend 

Tales of the Not Forgotten

Roar (is still waiting for me to write a review.)

2) Did you have any books that were #DNF ? Which ones?

I started to read The Lord of Chaos but got sidetracked, mostly because it’s been so long since I last read anything from that series that keeping track of characters was too hard.

3) What are your three most anticipated books of 2019?

Rage: A Stormheart Novel -Unfortunately. I’ll have to wait until waaay after everyone else so that I can get the paperback version.

In the Region of the Summer Stars: Eirlandia, Book One – This book is already out, but I have to wait until Jan to get me paperback copy.

Inferno the final book in the Forth Talisman. – Cannot wait for this one!!!

(Bonus: Could 2019 be the Year for Doors of Stone? Cause that would have me super excited!)

4) Have you completed your personal reading challenge? If so, what are you reading now till the end of the year?

Not yet, mostly because I haven’t entered in all the children’s books I read this year. (I make allowances for children’s books in my reading goal that’s why its 125, not 50.)

5) What genre did you read this year that you hope to read more in 2019?

This one is kinda hard, I mean I’ll read more of the usual; fantasy, dystopian and young adult (and children’s.) But is there a specific new genre I’m going to be adding to look out for in 2019… doubtful.

6) How’s your reading list for 2019?

As always too many books on my personal TBR. But I’ve already signed up for the Inferno tour and can’t wait for that. In 2019 I plan on introducing the 8 year old to Nancy Drew and reading more Little House books.

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