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40 Books to Read Before You’re 40

My 40 birthday is coming up soon, so when LibraryThing tweeted out a list of 40 Books to Read Before You’re 40, I was very curious to see how I did. But I was sorely disappointed! I’d only read 1. I don’t know who the user who put this list together (aprille) is, but I have to really disagree with the choices. Most of the books on the list are one’s I’m not even interested in reading.

So I though I ought to make my own list. They are listed in the order I thought of them. I tried to be as neutral as possible towards genre, when I picked these. Frankly it would have been easy to fill the list with Science Fiction or Young Adult books, but I tired not to put too many from any one category on the list.

There are some books I absolutely love that didn’t make the list, because I just didn’t think they had broad enough appeal. Take Battlefield Earth for example, I loved it and thought it was a sweeping book with a little bit of everything in it. However, I’m pretty sure it’s appeal is mostly to science fiction readers and it’s not a book I would recommend to a wide audience. Fahrenheit 451, is also a science fiction book and I would say even if you’re normally a science fiction reader I’d still tell you to read it. Which is why one made the list and the other didn’t.

You also won’t find my very favorite book of all time on this list. Why? Because it’s too niche. But if you’re curious, Dream Thief is the book and I’ve read it more than 8 times. I love the sci-fi setting, the dream elements and the Indian folklore.

Quite frankly, I don’t love every book on this list. They are on the list because I think they are important or true classics or they are books that helped shape me in some way.

40 Books to Read Before You’re 40

  1. Holy Bible
  2. Fahrenheit 451
  3. Hatchet
  4. The Hobbit or There and Back Again
  5. The Lord of the Rings
  6. Holes
  7. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States
  8. Night
  9. Ender’s Game
  10. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  11. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  12. The Cross and the Switchblade
  13. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  14. Jurassic Park
  15. The Outsiders
  16. Pilgrim’s Progress
  17. Winnie-the-Pooh
  18. This Present Darkness
  19. Hamlet
  20. Tom Sawyer
  21. Heart of Darkness
  22. Nineteen Eighty-Four
  23. A Christmas Carol
  24. Of Mice And Men
  25. Frankenstein
  26. The Call of the Wild
  27. Rendezvous with Rama
  28. I Saw Three Ships
  29. A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
  30. The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury
  31. Uncle’s John’s Bathroom Reader
  32. God, Money and You
  33. Your Life, God’s Home
  34. Clod Makes A Friend
  35. The Odyssey &
  36. The Women of Troy
  37. On Writing Well
  38. How to Clean Practically Anything
  39. A Biography of someone you admire, my choice would be Our Daily Bread; The Essential Norman Borlaug
  40. A poetry book by your favorite poet mine is Elizabeth Barret Browning, but if you don’t have a favorite poet I would suggest reading 101 Famous Poems.

Whew! What a list to try to create! I went over and over my book reviews, my shelves and got lots of suggestions from friends and family. Next up the books the suggested books for reading before you’re 40… I’m not going to be able to read all of them before my birthday but it was really interesting to see what everyone suggested.

How many of these books have you read? Got in books you’d suggest? Let me know in the comments.

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But when an assassin forces Nazafareen to flee to the sunlit mortal city of Delphi, she finds herself embroiled in a deeper mystery whose origins lie far in the past. Why was the continent sundered into light and dark a thousand years before? And what really happened to the elegant but ruthless creatures who nearly reduced the world to ashes? The new Oracle might know, but she’s outlawed magic and executes anyone caught practicing it. Nazafareen must hide her powers and find a way out of the city—before it’s too late.

As the net slowly tightens, something ancient and vengeful begins to stir in the arid death zone called the Kiln. A dashing daeva named Darius is pursuing Nazafareen, but so are a multitude of enemies. War is brewing again. Can she stay alive long enough to stop it?

Right now Nocturne, first book in the Forth Talisman Series, is on sale for only $0.99. The whole series is available to read on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve read all of the book and recently posted my review of the final book in the series. Quite frankly I am still mussing on it, still planning to write another post all about the way that final book, Inferno, made me feel. But right now is your chance to jump in and get started on this binge worthy fantasy series!

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Note: This is a new Book Deals feature on my blog. Where I will be featuring deals on books I’ve read and loved. To be featured here I have to have previously reviewed the book on my blog. Authors if I have reviewed your book and it’s going to be going on sale please send me a message (with at least a week’s lead time) and I will add your deal to my blog.

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Book Lovers 2018 Year End Tag

2018 Year End Review

Trendy Simple Life created this Book Tag and would LOVE to have a few Book Lovers (and  fellow bloggers) participate and share their answers. Feel free to tag yourself and have some fun looking back on what you read and planning ahead on what to read in 2019!
Don’t forget to use the #BookLovers2018YE and link back to this post and the one at Trendy Simple Life!

Here are the questions:

1) Three BEST books you read in 2018 (all 5 Stars):

Read My Reviews:

Clod Make A Friend 

Tales of the Not Forgotten

Roar (is still waiting for me to write a review.)

2) Did you have any books that were #DNF ? Which ones?

I started to read The Lord of Chaos but got sidetracked, mostly because it’s been so long since I last read anything from that series that keeping track of characters was too hard.

3) What are your three most anticipated books of 2019?

Rage: A Stormheart Novel -Unfortunately. I’ll have to wait until waaay after everyone else so that I can get the paperback version.

In the Region of the Summer Stars: Eirlandia, Book One – This book is already out, but I have to wait until Jan to get me paperback copy.

Inferno the final book in the Forth Talisman. – Cannot wait for this one!!!

(Bonus: Could 2019 be the Year for Doors of Stone? Cause that would have me super excited!)

4) Have you completed your personal reading challenge? If so, what are you reading now till the end of the year?

Not yet, mostly because I haven’t entered in all the children’s books I read this year. (I make allowances for children’s books in my reading goal that’s why its 125, not 50.)

5) What genre did you read this year that you hope to read more in 2019?

This one is kinda hard, I mean I’ll read more of the usual; fantasy, dystopian and young adult (and children’s.) But is there a specific new genre I’m going to be adding to look out for in 2019… doubtful.

6) How’s your reading list for 2019?

As always too many books on my personal TBR. But I’ve already signed up for the Inferno tour and can’t wait for that. In 2019 I plan on introducing the 8 year old to Nancy Drew and reading more Little House books.

Gifts for Book Lovers

August 9th is Book Lovers Day
via Goodreads

Today is #BookLoverDay! In honor of the day I think you should…

  1. Bring your favorite book lover a cup of tea/coffee/ their drink of choice
  2. Rub their feet while they relax and read.
  3. Say “yes” to their requests to preorder all the books by their favorite authors.

Also this…

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How will you celebrate Book Lovers Day?