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Classic Remarks was a meme that posed a weekly question about classic literature and asks participants to engage in ongoing discussions surrounding not only themes in the novels but also questions about canon formation, the “timelessness” of literature, and modes of interpretation. The lovely ladies at Pages Unbound hosted this meme. It ended in 2021 after participation waned.

I came late to the project and by the time I got around to posting it was winding down. I’m still very interested in some of the prompts and want to blog more about the “classics”. So enter Classic Remarks Redux (use #ClassicRemarksRedux on social.)

I’m going back to the very beginning of Classic Remarks and answering ALL the prompts. My goal is to post a new blog each week. Blog posts may include more than one prompt depending on the length of the answer. (Because well I haven’t read Anne of Green Gables, and I don’t like Little Women ***Ducks flying tomatoes at this point 🍅🍅🍅*** I know some of you may think that’s an unbelievable travesty.)

So join me on Fridays as I work my way through these prompts.

Prompt #1 From Dec. 30, 2016You’ve been dropped into L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.  What do you do first?

Well if I knew ahead of time that might convince me to read the novels. Otherwise, I guess I’d have a lot of questions. Just reading the original post I learned that it’s set on Prince Edward isle. I’ve never been to Canada so that would be exciting. (My husband and I were planning a trip to visit friends in BC, but then pandemic.)

Coming into it not knowing anything except there is a girl named Anne and she probably lives at a place called Green Gables, and um I think she wears a big straw hat… means I may not even realize where I was.

Well that’s it for this week, see you next Friday.

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Well we all have some classics we’ve skipped. I’ve been enjoying reading through all your old posts.

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