Long book, short note

So Robinson Crusoe tried to kill my love of reading, and made me very disinterested in books for a while. The book I’m currently reading started off making me wonder if it would be the same. It was all about Politics, and boring military training. Who wants to read about Generals talking about the training regime plans for next week? Or about the Presidents (fictitious) talk with a Senator about the farm plan? So I slugged through the first 300 pages of the epic sized novel I’d picked up (1137 pages to be exact.)

Then it got exciting for about 100 pages. And now I’m totally sucked in. After the excitement, even the political stuff is exciting. Today I got shivers when Russia was asked to join NATO. Then after thinking it through I decided that was not the normal thing to do. But now I’ve bit the hook, and the authors reeling me in.

The book? Oh yes, I guess I could tell you what book I’m reading… “The Bear and The Dragon” by Tom Clancy.

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