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#MakeYourMythTaker The Journey Continues

Make Your Myth Taker Part 3

Make Your Myth Taker

Part 1: #MakeYourMythTaker Background Story

Part 2: At the bottom of the Tide: Review

Johanna woke in the dark. She could smell the salty sea water nearby, but she was amazingly untouched after the ship wrecked on the Siren’s rocks. She’d been thrown from the deck, and then???

A splash nearby, made her turn her head. “Hello?” she called, her voice echoing. A giggle in the dark came as the only answer.

Joanna sat up. “Is someone there?” More giggles and another splash.

She groped around feeling wet sand beneath her. And a pace away the cold ocean water. Was she in a sea cave?

Yes. An answer came into her head. That made her sit up straighter.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” No answer. She thought the questions instead of speaking them.

Shore. Saved you. Came the clipped answers in her head.

Who are you? Johanna asked in her thoughts. A glimpse of a woman’s body with a fishtail flashed through her mind.

A mermaid? Was that even possible? Again giggles echoed through the cave.

Why did you save me? Dark images of a Siren and sailors flashed in her mind with strong feelings of hatred. The mermaid definitely didn’t like either one.

It was then that Johanna realized that there it was getting lighter in the cave. Looking behind her she could see a crevice with some dim light showing through it.

Go. The voice in her head insisted. Gingerly Johanna rose to her feet and walked to the crevice of light. She came out on a strand of beach mostly cover with tall grasses. In the distance over some sandy dunes she could see smoke.

The Third Adventure

I know the #MakeYourMythTaker event is long over, but I’ve decided to finish my journey anyway.

So what will Johanna find on the other side of the dunes?

  1. A small fisherman’s cottage. (If so my next post will be a review a review of Feast of Phantoms.)
  2. A bustling market port. (If so my next post will be a review of Buried in Angst.)
  3. The Tournament of Ipswich. (If so I’ll post a top ten list of fantasy characters.)
  4. Nothing. She can’t find the source of the smoke or a single living soul. (If so my next post will be a tour of my TBR shelves.)

Vote by leaving me a comment or going to my Twitter poll. The adventure will continue soon…

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