Book Blitz: A Spoonful of Grace

A Spoonful of Grace: Mealtime Blessings in Bite-sized Pieces by Annette Hubbell Release date: Feb 2017 Genre: Family devotional, Children’s devotional A book that sounds like a great way to connect with your family, in bite sized pieces. (Sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun.) A special grace/blessing/prayer for each meal sounds like a great […]


Mistaken Launch

I am not really the “new book” kind of person. Usually I am patient enough to wait to check it out from the library or adopt it in the wild at a garage sale or thrift store. (Just this week I bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay for 25 cents each at a thrift store.) If […]


Proverbs 17:1

The walls bleed in this house of strife The roof sages and weeps They try to medicate my misery The feast they give me fills the stomach But the hearts left empty   Wallpaper to the wound Try to hide it away You can’t pretend peace Thin disguises are easily seen through My paper mask […]