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Review: The Last Treasure of Ancient England

by MJ Colewood Pages: 412 Date Finished: Dec 8, 2016 Loved It I received this book free from the author Synopsis: It is 1066 and in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings the lifeless corpse of King Harold has been looted. The disappearance of a particular item enrages Duke William, and only one of his knights knows […]

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Book Blitz: The Lost Eye of the Serpent

The Lost Eyes of the Serpent by Jeremy Phillips (The Rose Delacroix Files, #1) Published by: Limitless Publishing Publication date: August 8th 2016 Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Welcome to my first book blitz (and to my newest book blog emoticon… “Meet A New Book.” He joins his brothers from my book rating scale.) I only […]