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“The books we gather for our collection and bookshelves is something personal and reflective of our own bookish tastes, what stories we enjoy, or even books we aspire to read one day. So through this tag I wanted to explore what my own collection means to me as a reader.”

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1: How do you organize the books on your shelves? First of all, there are two TBR shelves. One for mostly middle grade books (some YA are included too.) And another HUGE bookcase full of the rest of the TBR. My husband and I buy a lot of books at thrift stores and they go on the TBR shelf until at least one of us has read them.

Our larger TBR shelf

After that, the books are sorted first by age range with different shelving areas for Children’s, and Middle Grade. Children’s books are mostly sorted by series, height and type.

Then we have a special area for our large JRR Tolkien collection. One for fantasy, a special area for Sci-Fi (As you can see in the picture we even have a sign for our Sci-Fi section.) Classics have their own spot, as do religious books, and everything else is kinda fit in between. Mostly sorted by subject, series/author and then height.

We live surrounded by books.

Science Fiction shelf

2: Any particular aesthetic or niche genre of books you’d like to see more of on your shelves?

I love the way the covers of Roar and Rage look. And wish I had more space for front facing books with pretty covers.

3: Pick a book on your shelf and share the personal story behind it!

I just picked up a new copy of my favorite book, Dream Thief by Stephen R. Lawhead through a kickstarter. It came with bookplates and a letter from the author. It’s a special revised edition and it’s just so neat to have it in my collection.

4: Name a book (or books) in your personal collection that people would be surprised to see that you own.

We own a copy of the Koran. Being Christians the fact the we own it might surprise some people. But it was given to us when the father of a Saudi exchange student we hosted came to visit us. We have had quite a few exchange students but it was really special for his family to come visit.

5: What’s a book that you own that’s still on your TBR?

See above 😂 we have a ton of books on our TBR. If I had to pick one that looks interesting right now it’d be American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

6: Name a book (or books) you desperately want to add to your personal library:

Can it be a book that hasn’t come out yet? Cause if I can manifest The Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #3) by Patrick Rothfuss into existence and into my library I would.

7: Any particular goals you have for your collection?

Collect books that people enjoy. I’m not picky and I love books from all sorts of different genres. I just want to live in a library.

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