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Whats on My NightstandAfter reading this blog  What’s on My Nightstand? | Karen Barnett {Plus a Giveaway!} by my friend Karen Barnett I decided to try my hand at a similar blog myself. I actually have two bookcases, overflowing with my to-read books. One of the rules in our house is that before it finds a permanent spot one of us (my husband or I) have to read it. Well since we seem to not be able to stop buying more books this leads to a big stack up of to-read material.

Here’s what’s currently on my nightstand:

My Kindle, I keep my kindle close at hand even when I’m not currently reading any Kindle titles.

I picked up Sorting the Beef from the Bull, from our local library. My goal is to finish it by the library board meeting this coming Tues. Our board approves a selection of science, religious and educational titles each month as part of a legacy gift that was given to the library, this book was one of those selections.

I’ve been working my way through, Lord Foulgrins Letter. The problem is that the book doesn’t make very good night time reading because it is very dark and serious in parts. The parts of the book with the characters are compelling but very short compared to the letters from Lord Foulgrin. The letter are basically about how Satan wants to destroy people’s lives, not exactly what I want to read before I go to sleep.

50 Literature Ideas you really need to know, is a book that I have been slowly digesting for a while. Its a great book for understanding the types of literature you read, but it’s like a textbook-lite so its not a speed reading sort of thing.

I have a goal to read all of the Newbery Award books and last year I began, Onion John. The problem is that I don’t really find it compelling or interesting so I pretty much abandoned it. I’m going to have to finish it eventually though to complete my Newbery goal.

And finally Forgiven and Set Free, is a Bible study my mom suggested to me. It’s about recovering from abortion, but is really good for understanding the grief that losing a child (abortion, miscarriage, still-birth) causes a women. I started reading it because I was interested in women’s ministry and understanding this complex issue is helpful in ministry.


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  1. Last week, I posted a picture on Instagram of my nightstand. I posted it because I think that the things a person has on their nightstand say a lot about that person.

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