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Angst: 3 Volume Set On Sale!

A collection of the first three titles in the Angst series of fantasy novels. Books included: 1. Angst 2. Buried in Angst 3. Drowning in Angst Get the collection for only $0.99 until June 23rd or read for free through Kindle Unlimited. Angst When Angst turned 40, he knew it was over. Angst had longed […]

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The Forth Talisman Series: Start Reading for Only $0.99!

Nocturne, a wilderness of eternal night. Solis, a wasteland of endless day. Nazafareen is a Breaker, a mortal who has the rare ability to shatter spell magic—although her power carries a high price. With the memories of her former self erased and nowhere else to turn, she comes to Nocturne hoping to start a new […]